Friday, December 28, 2007

Corporate Greed a Drain on the Middle Class

I read the Huffington Post daily and found this gem on Edwards' stump speeches in Iowa.

Alternet Take on Edwards

I have been a bit disheartened by all the talk about a Hillary win in the Democratic Presidential Primaries. The news on Edwards provides a boost in my morale, although that renegade Dennis Kucinich has been more consistent on every issue---corporate America, the war, the focus on the Middle East---all in all Edwards would be my 2nd choice.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Benazir Bhutto: From the Oxford Union to her Last Rally in Rawalpindi

Arianna Huffington wrote a decent piece on the death of a woman who like herself came to leadership position in a British university club. I find it interesting that as foreigners in England they overcame any possible stigma of "other" through the kind of fearlessness that Huffington writes about. I am a woman whose realm is not that of the elite with which these two women associated. However, I have fought through bouts of fearfulness to do what I can in my little corner of my world. Tomorrow, after all the initial hoopla over the former prime minister's death is tamped down, I will plod along to do what I can to listen better and help those whose lives I may influence.

Women leaders who represent what is good in human kind are rare in the rarefied atmosphere of international/world politics. Women, who like me, work toward making their ideals a reality are rarer still because idealism interferes with the status quo of acquiring and keeping power to the detriment of people one is supposed to lead, guide, and help. Despite the contradictory comments about Bhutto's political history, I tend to honor her. After all her history is frequently transcribed by men whose own attachment to power and corruption is challenged by women such as Bhutto. May she be at peace. May her family feel her strength and love in the months and years ahead, and may the many decent people of Pakistan get leaders worthy of their support. That is my small prayer from Tempe Arizona on a day such as today.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Arianna on Huckabee's Surge in Iowa

I've not been writing too often in my blogs. I've a lot of unfinished entires that I'll finish later tonight but I had to respond to this piece by Arianna Huffington. She's awesome and I'm so happy for the success of the Huffington Post. I like to have one place to go to where I can get a variety of opinions from Andrew Sullivan to Marty Kaplan. They're all good writers with diverse or often contrary opinions. But when hardcore Republicans are decrying the state of their party I actually gain hope that we will finally listen to the words in the constitution of the United States. That we will actually disentangle religion from politics. I realize we all behave in accordance with our personal beliefs and that many of those beliefs have religious ideological overtones. However, most religions have many things in common -- murder is wrong, stealing is bad, coveting a neighbor's husband is bad etc. But those rules are common sensical because they provide order to any social group. However to claim that one's religious beliefs should be the the basis for laws that cover all people in a country that is going too far. Why? Well many of us would not want the government dictating our personal practices, for we do not all follow the same religion.

Just the other day while doing a very Latina thing (at least in my family--I was getting my nails done) I met a very bright and attractive Muslim woman who went on to disparage the undue influence of "Jews" in this country. While I understand the reason why she would think this, I understood that there are other elements for the relationship between the United States and Israel that have nothing to do with Israel being a "Jewish" state, but everything to do with evangelical fervor for the coming of the end of days.

So I cannot support discrimination of Jews because a nation that is almost a Jewish theocracy is heavily supported by the United States.

I do understand other kinds of relationships that are going on to tie the US to Israel.

So do we need an evangelical neo-con in the White House? I think not and I pray that fair minded Republicans will not allow the man from Hope Arkansas to go to the White House. Of course, I'm not hoping for the wife of the other Man from Hope Arkansas to make in to the White House again.

Obama or John Edwards seem to me to be the likeliest to win although I hope they pay attention to Bill Richardson and Joe Biden when they win the Donkey's trophy.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Maureen Doud On Clinton's Run

I've had a viscerally strong reaction to Clinton's run for president from the moment it became clear her threat to run was real and not a fiction. Aside from the republicanization of the democratic party that she and her husband and their ilk have developed and implemented, she has no real qualifications other than her association with her husband.

Maureen Doud's column from the NYT helps crystallize the notion that I am not alone in my opinion. I'm a feminist and say so proudly, but as I did not use my natal last name for many years for fear of being perceived as someone who sought favors or entry where I was unqualified to be, I do not believe Mrs. Clinton should use her association with William Jefferson Clinton as the primary reason to support her run for president. I can't think of one thing she's done on her own, without his connections that would merit support for her presidential ambitions.


An amusing ad hominem. I normally do not indulge in these types of rhetorical strategies, but when one comes along that amuses me--and instructs me--I thought to share it on this blog.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Delay in London

Well the title may not be as grand as Jefferson in Paris but it's the best I can do at this hour in the morning.

So glad I studied discourse analysis as the article from the all spin zone shows us.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Miguel on the Edge

Miguel stands on an edge of the huge canyon.
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Road Trips

On the way to the Grand Canyon we took many stops along the way. We also posed for lots of goofy pictures. Here's one of them. More will follow.
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First Granddaugher

Amber Rodriguez is off to college. Fortunately for us, she'll be in the northern part of the state which means long weekend trips for me. My first granddaughter has done well so far and I pray she continues to blossom on her life's journey.
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Friday, July 27, 2007

Further, racism and injustice are strongest when they give the appearance of their absence.

As a Latina I would like to believe that in the United States a person of color could reach the highest elected position in the land. Alternet apparently believes people in power do not want this.

Boys at Work

I have the pleasure of my grandson's company along with that of his cousin. After much cajoling from me, they have begun to clean up their part of the world. Yeah!
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Friday, July 20, 2007

Broader Privilege Claimed In Firings -

Broader Privilege Claimed In Firings -

I never thought that I'd be so ashamed over the behavior of a person who came from a Latino/Mexicano background; however, the shameless behavior of Alberto Gonzales and the president who runs his life comes close to shaming many of us. Thinking members of society can see the arrogant misuse of power conducted by this administration in many areas.

Where are the so called "values" these people tout? I think that power has corrupted the souls of Bush, Gonzales, and many others in the administration. The delusion of the public seems complete for it does not rise against the administration's misconduct and of course the underlying reasons are that too many people like what power they derive from the administration. No one it seems takes their oaths of office seriously, for no one person considers the needs of the country.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Post California

The cool beach coast breezes are far behind and I am back in the desert. Since leaving CA I have begun a new travel store where friends can log on and book their travel itineraries. The search engine is quite good and I like the savings those booking both air and hotel can get. I'm fairly positive about this. In fact, I've been feeling positive about a good many things lately.

The Guadalupe campus of South Mountain Community College is really cool. I liked it and the people I met there.

Filled out papers at the main campus of the college and am set to work beginning 8/21/07.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

California Daze

I'm accessing my blog from a friend's computer. I find myself inadvertently making double letter entries and having to adapt to a slower internet access product. Nonetheless, spending time with friends and my 84 year old aunt has been pleasant so far.

It's been a long time since I traversed the road between San Bernardino and Hemet California. Traffic moved at a good clip until we arrived to the 215, 60, 91 interchange. Construction is evident. Amazingly, the construction began ten years ago and only now seems to show the promise of bridges and overpasses that will separate the three hwys.

My aunt looked good although considerably frailer than I'd remembered. My cousin looks good and I suppose that is some compensation for the care he gives my aunt/his mother.

Dinner with friend Maureen and Anne went well although as always I was somewhat chatty. I suppose being in a situation where I do not have access to like minded souls makes me too eager to chat and visit.

I've worked on my paper a little and do hope to make some revisions tomorrow morning. My scatter gun thinking must get under control. If I fix this paper I'll post it on the google document page and that'll help me revise the gallina paper.

Friday, June 15, 2007



Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind.
John F. Kennedy (1)
05/29/1917 - 11/22/1963
35th president of the USA

I have been reading a new book on the Kennedy brothers which highlights as I never understood when they were alive how committed to peace these brothers were. I believe the quote above signals this insight.

Writing and Reading

I've gotten back to the book I mentioned in an earlier post: Hispanic Nation. I've found the gist of it helpful and now must get into the Crowley book on Civic Discourse to use for my paper on transcultural rhetorics.
has been useful in setting up a regular routine which I find gets me more motivated. I can clear the chaos that sometimes envelopes me so that I can read and take notes for the writing I must do. Turning off the news has helped dramatically too.

I'm supposed to go to a conference in NY an must reconsider. I have materials for the workshop but not the cash to fly out and stay over in Troy. Perhaps next year I'll be in better shape financially.

Tempe has been really pleasant for me as a town to live in. I've shared the library photos earlier and find that getting there is easier than sticking around here. But now that I'm decluttering the place where I live, staying here works out well too.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Live-Why Not Today

I'm trying to do a lot of things from writing more often to clearing clutter from my house. I was told about and am thrilled by the program set forth. This song is a bonus.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mujer Latina

La Mujer Latina watches children and sees the ghosts and angels that surround her. As we live and play between two cultures we must take the best with the worst from each.

Many of the stories we share have a bit of the mystical or magic realism because there are beliefs from indigenous and European origins that meet, blend, and create new views of the world or rather explanations for experiences. Belief in angels lend themselves to belief in spirits for good or evil in either European or Indigenous cultures. In books on the conflicts experienced by Latinas, the gendered role create huge impact on women. USAmerican Latinas have many conflicts but we have many choices too.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

For Bill De Genero

I have neglected this blog for too long. Today a colleague sent me an article on liberation theology which he found in the New York Times. My experience with the church as a Latina does not differ too much from the experiences of others. The church has been blessing and curse in the development of gendered role of women in Latina/o Culture. Liberation Theology is one example of the paradox that exists within the church. On the one hand we are to follow Jesus' teachings, but then we are expected to do so based on church interpretation of those teachings. If Jesus taught us to tend to the needs of the poor and to thus lift their spiritual life, then that is what we should do. The fact that Marx wrote his treatise on Marxism centuries later should not put fear of becoming communists. The fact that John Paul the 23rd came from a country that imposed severe restrictions on his spiritual and religious life does not mean that all Marxism will do the same when applied to the needs of the poor. Of course, that is not what occurs in South America where much of Liberation Theology is practiced.

I am grateful for many teachings of the church--especially its ecumenical teachings which I received long before Pope John's call to "open the windows of the church" in the late 50's. I admire those who attempt to practice Christ's teachings over the teachings of ideologues and people with a need for "power" over the minds and thinking of others.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


I've spent a great deal of time sorting through some pictures that I downloaded. Next I'll be sorting through pictures that should be scanned for the family to share at a website. I'll be using both google and webshots. Afterwards I'll use picassa to edit and play with photos on the computer.

I have old photos of relatives recently arrived from Puerto Rico in the 50's when we all looked a bit strange. These pictures will need to be scanned so that they can be preserved and shared. Looking at myself I see that I've always been short despite the fact that I always see myself as taller than I am. Does this mean I have a little bit of an ego problem? Perhaps so but not much of an ego as lately I'm trying to restart many of my life plans and outcomes. Nonetheless, this business of sorting through pictures has helped me be more accepting of myself.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Department of Peace

I just received this bit of information from a colleague. Whereas the current department of defense was known as department of war during WWII and before that era, it is important to be "proactive" in developing and continuing peace in our world. Thus it is important to develop a cabinet level Department of Peace. Thus Williamson's call for a Department of Peace and all the monies and divisions that would serve peace in our country and world. Given the events of 4/16 in Virginia, it is evident that we need a Cabinet level Department of Peace.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Harry Connick Jr. Interviewed On Imus

In recent days, Imus in the Morning has been canceled for comments not deserving of anyone on the public airwaves.

But this interview shows a side that he should have pursued more often and then perhaps his difficulties would not have taken hold and destroyed his career.

My Friend Meets the Original Mr. Wonka

I'm copying the particulars surrounding this picture of my friend Lisa-Anne and Gene Wilder. I've appreciated the tales of her exploits in Paris and other parts of the European continent and of China, too. This time her story takes place near her new digs. What follows is a copy of her email explaining this encounter.

Please note the wonderful writing detail which is a mark of a truly gifted writer.

Hi All,

I hope everyone is well. Here is a picture of me and Mr. Wonka himself, Gene Wilder. He was on a book tour at the Washington Press Club, promoting his new book “My French Whore: A Love Story.” He’s as soft-spoken and nice as you would assume.

Tidbits gleaned from his short interview:

1. His favorite movie is Young Frankenstein (he wrote it). Marty Feldman was a very shy and “unique” guy (read weird but likeable). In the scene in YF where Dr. F is introduced to Frau B., Mel changed the lines that weren’t working. So they became Dr. F asking about carrying his bags and Marty Feldman replying ‘you carry the blond and I’ll carry the brunette”. Something like that—the point was it seemed to be the best cast to work with and he had a great time. (Also, he really liked Richard Pryer.)

2. He was supposed to play Harvey K's role in Blazing Saddles, but wanted the Waco Kid. The 2 actors who were to play the kid bowed out (one was exhausted from another movie and the second had a drinking problem and literally began foaming at the mouth on the first day of shooting), so he got the role he wanted, and Harvey go the bad guy role.

3. He likes J. Depp but won’t watch the new Wonka movie because Burton made it so dark. (I think he was being nice. I’ve seen parts of it on cable and Depp looks like a pedophile and the rest of the movie isn't very good.)

4. He worked in an Army psychiatric hospital after school.

5. His mother was sick every day of her life, so he spent hours in compulsive praying for her and wondering why she was sick but he wasn’t. This lead to years of counseling, as detailed in his memoirs.

6. He really loves his current wife, who, BTW, looks absolutely normal for a woman in her 60s (no trophy wife, yeah Gene!)

7. He just had a cataract fixed in his eye (hence the redness).

8. The interviewer asked him if he was an animal, what kind would he be, and he said a deer because they appear outside his house and eat and bring their fawns (I thought this was a lovely answer as I hate that kind of question!!)

9. He was in a movie with Anne Bancroft and as he says, “horribly miscast,” and he kept wondering why bad things were happening to him. Then in her dressing room he gets introduced to Anne’s boyfriend, Mel Brooks, and off went his career. (This idea of good things coming from bad things is a theme he writes about.)

10. When first meeting Mel, Mel was wearing a very nice pea coat. According to Gene: “I said Mel, you look very handsome in that pea coat. And Mel responded, ‘They used to call them ‘urine coats’ but they just didn’t sell’.”

Two weeks ago I also went to a book signing by former Sec. of State Madeleine Albright. She was very cool. She even dealt well with the weird woman who made some inappropriate comments.

Madeleine looked at her, said OK, and kept right on going.

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Monday, April 09, 2007

Old Training

Had my sewing machine service/repaired. It's time to go back to some old skills and sharpen them. Since I'm at home more now, I may as well work at making things that will improve the appearance of things around here. I just hope that I can relearn sewing as I haven't touched a machine, pattern, or other major project in a long time. Let's see if I can follow directions as well as I can write a note.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Gentrification: John Edwards at GenerationEngage

While living in Chicago, I witnessed the process of "gentrification" a process wherein the old houses are remodeled and made fit to live in and then rented out or sold to new owners at prices too steep for poor people to live in.

This issue is important because as we've seen in our cities and in hard hit places like New Orleans where clean up is hampered by the desire of some to take, condemn or otherwise lay claim to areas where the poor normally live so that developers can rebuild and turn a nice profit. While I am by no means a person without appreciation for the things that money can bring into people's lives, I seriously believe that the US's over accentuation of the capitalist system over the lives of people is repulsive and denigrates the ideals so many people spout. What's the point of being free to be nothing more than a worker bee for others' profits and loss of those things that make community, families, etc enjoy the less material things in life.

John Edwards - Bennett College

This video shows a family man running for president addressing needs of college students.

John Edwards - CWA Legislative-Political Conference

One of the reasons I like Edwards. He pays attention to Blue Collar needs as well as the needs of middle classes. That spells a president for all of us. His positions mirror many of my own. I know I've been called an idealist, but then I follow the tenets of Christ's teachings that we care for our fellow human beings. In a land as wealthy as our own, it is a sin to ignore the needs of the poor, the sick, the under educated.

Complete Ab Workout Video

In the interest of helping myself get into a better physical condition, I thought I'd save this exercise to my blog so that when I log on to it, I can stop, get that ball and practice this exercise. Who knows, it may actually help.

Bill O'Reilly and Geraldo Rivera huge angry fight

OReilly and Lou Dobbs are two reasons why it is dangerous to be Hispanic and without papers in the United States of America. Even those of with papers will stand a good chance of being stopped while "Brown" if nonthinking public conversations such as this one keep taking place.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Hispanic Nation Part 1

Reading the book, Hispanic Nation by Geoffrey Fox and finding it crystallizes many of the ideas on identity formation and some of the politics behind it. I'm also perusing Brown by Richard Rodriguez. Each book is useful in my revisions of a two year old essay. Rodriguez is poetic and his writing this time around meanders much like my own does. I am enjoying the conversations he has within his imagination with books and authors he's read in the past. It's true that authors we read become a part of us of who we are. I like that. He finally discusses his ideas about hybridity. Much of what he's saying if familiar to my own ideas except for the specific experiences. This kind of reminds me of Victor Villanueva's shared experiences in his writings. The difference there are the ones created by gender and public versus private schools. Sometimes the grass does look greener in other people's lives or gardens. I suppose that one could look at life as a garden in the process of becoming. In Rodriguez' and my cases the books and authors would be the particular flowers in it, alongside our family members and other significant others.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Writing and Sharing

I'm in the process of reading for my writing projects. The new material is most interesting as it seems to indicate that the need to communicate ran deep and strong during early eras in history among a group of women who had very little to join them in a community. I'm finding the ways that they use the contexts of their environment and their rhetorical strategies are ways well known to linguists and women's studies professionals. The Submissive Subversive Rhetoric as I call it lingers to this day amongst many writings put forth by current Latinas. I'm theorizing a bit and need to do more research but I intuit that so called magic realism may in fact be a creative way to continue the submissive subversive pose.

Aries Women

Just a note to reflect on the many awesome and awe inspiring friends I have born under the sign of Aries. Don't know for sure if the astrological signs really tell us anything but it can't be happenstance that many of my good and outstanding women friends were born under this sign.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Elizabeth and John Edwards - Press Conference

Elizabeth Edwards' ordeal with cancer shows Americans a brave woman who chooses to continue to support her husband's presidential campaign. This has been questioned by those who would like to see Edwards end his run for president.

She shows however that people can be productive despite a cancer diagnosis. I hope more of us can follow her example. We may not all have cancer but surely comparisons with other conditions can be made and thus her example is a wonderful one for us to emulate.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

After Tucson onto New York

Next week I fly off to the Big Apple to work my little self into a smaller version of myself. I finally have the Exec Committee book half reorganized. The next step will be to read relevant parts of the material sent to us for discussion.

3/31/07 Have returned from the conference and must comment on some of my experiences. New York as always is great. Of course it is as I was born there. However, the unexpectedly cold weather had a lasting effect on me. I still cough and hack. The side trip to Miami was interesting as it presented me with the opportunity to travel alone to an environment I had never experienced. It was great to hear lots of Spanish with Caribbean accents. The people were friendly and that part of the experiences was wonderful.

The environment in Miami Beach, however, showed me a dirty, over built beach area. It looks great from afar but when you're down on the street the filth is there to see. It's great for younger people who want to party and I know that if I were such a younger person I wouldn't notice dirty streets and beaches too dirty to swim in.

I did get to attempt to conquer the cold that I picked up in New York but as yet am still wheezing, coughing, etc. If this keeps up, I'll have to see a doctor. Ugh!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

TPMmuckraker March 13, 2007 01:07 PM

TPMmuckraker March 13, 2007 01:07 PM

In the HuffPost the preceding link demonstrates the reason for not hiring people without values of our country's founders. Of course, there have been liars and con men in our government previously, but for a country who claims to mete out justice and base its judicial system on the rule of law, the current scandal is serious indeed.

Friday, March 09, 2007


Went to Tucson for a treat at Gadabouts and came away inspired. However, the growth of the city is quite evident. Yet Tucson would be a great retirement spot because of the way the city protects itself from too much street light---mesquite and palo verde trees are all over town. Most attractive houses and apartment complexes look best when they keep to a desert landscape. A few apartment near Ft Lowell and Campbell were quite reasonably priced. I wonder if the same is true further east of town. I'll find out more at another time.

Friday, March 02, 2007


My colleague in Detroit posted a story about an upcoming case to judge whether or not certain books will be marked "obscene" so I looked a the story and low and behold one of my favorite authors and her work are on the hit list. Before going into the details of the story, I just wondered who gives license to "kill" to district attorneys. Whose definitions of decency do they use? Why are stories that highlight the incredible sufferings of people of color deemed indecent?

These recurrent attacks on language and literature stem, in my humble opinion, from total ignorance of the lives and cultures of others of those people who don't look like what I'll label "white bread" or bland USAmerican culture. I'm excluding lots of great people from my definition in order to zero in on the kind of thinking that seems to go into fear of changes in language and in the literatures of people whose lives differ from that portrayed in the Fun with Dick and Jane kind of literature so prevalent in my early years or in the cute and always entertaining but popular to mainstream Americana such as Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew whose families resembled the nuclear families we were all told were the ideals to which we should strive to attain.

Citing Bill DeGenero's comments: I must concur. Bill points out the following: "What are the three books? Erin Gruwell's "Freedom Writers Diary," Toni Morrison's "The Bluest Eye," and Richard Wright's "Black Boy." Yes, all three books are about people of color. Yes, two out of three are written by people of color."

I cringe at the thought that stories that touched me, particularly Morrison's The Bluest Eye should be defamed by such an attack. I say this as a fairly light skinned Puerto Rican woman who has had experiences not that different from the central character in Morrison's book. MORE not FEWER works that point to the abuse of children. the abuse of cultural conflicts. and the power in balances that create the kinds of situations in which children of color often find themselves should be written. Better than that, after being awakened to the facts of these dreadful situations more not less should be done to prevent further abuse of children. And in Morrison's book, the abuser, himself a product of lack of love and of abuse, is also to be understood in the context of his environment and life. There are some abusers who need redemption because the contexts and horrors of their own lives lead them to reach out for love in a most inappropriate manner. So the Breedloves will again be "dumped on" instead of understood and the abuse they experienced will be relegated to the pyre of obscenity and high school students will not understand that people outside their immediate cultural milieu live different lives that require a different sensibility and perhaps a diffeent approach which will allow for understanding and the kind of outreach that leads to healing as well the personal growth we seek when reading literature that represents lives like and sometimes different from what we live.

Personal Expectations

With respect to identity politics and doing what one wants to do: When do I really do what I want versus what I think I want? These distinctions are important to me recently because I seem to have fallen into an old trap--doing what others expect from me as a mother, woman, teacher, etc. This day, March 2, 2007, I want to run away and be free from all labels. I want to dance, sing, and maybe even doodle without having to answer to anyone. Yet no matter what I'm doing now, by two I must be somewhere to pick up a grandchild. He's a love and not the source of my feeling stifled, but I did not sign up for being a stay at home Grannie.

It seems as if no matter where I land--here, Chicago, Detroit, or California someone finds me and I'm expected to be or do something. It seems as if old roles are hard to drop totally.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Doing Our Jobs

I come from a Latina--Puerto Rican family. However, I introduce myself as bilingual, bicultural, (possibly multicultural if one counts discourse communities)and Latina Feminist. Sitting down to read and write is difficult because of early training to be up and doing--doing what? Clean, cook, shop, anything but sit and read and write.

It wasn't until I returned to school many years ago that I discovered that writing was work and that it was valuable to communicate and explore ideas as well as stories, events etc. If those of us who are bilingual/cultural do not speak/write our stories we condemn ourselves to having others speak for us. I have added website to my links because this husband and wife team spend time doing that which I was discouraged from until a relatively short time ago.

Now I am encouraged to keep on with my readings and writing to see if my historical tour will lead to new insights. So now I return to Sor Juana and Mother Juana for this night.

Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/ing Us

The advent of technology has widened and deepened our ability to write as witnessed by the upsurge in the numbers of blogs created in the past five years alone. I teach and have come to find the benefits useful to discuss with classes.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Way Too Much Time Away

I started reading so I can re start my writing projects. Now I have many of them and hope to get a good start with a more rigorous schedule. Also, I'll be off to Tucson for a couple of days and then I'll be able to write at the UofA's Library which is quite useful.

As to my doings around here, I finally began the process of becoming an "Arizonan" by getting a local library card. I live in Tempe Arizona now and finally went off to the library. The library in Tempe is awesome and I predict many happy escape moments there. While this apartment is quite commodious, the light at my writing station is good for only so long. The library does not suffer from such inconveniences.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Media and Language

My friend Bill De Genero wrote in his blogspot:

"feeding frenzy

The wall-to-wall media coverage of the death of Anna Nicole Smith would have surprised even Andy Warhol. This media moment assumes its place alongside the O.J. car chase and the Long Island Lolita as an "event" surely to inspire multiple made-for-tv movies, a tabloid moment that seems to have some longevity. . . ."

It seems that our society has devolved to the point of finding entertainment from gossipy stories about politicians, entertainers, and people from afar. Yet the people who are supposed to participate in a democracy/republic called US are less attentive to the underlying motivations of their elected officials, or less attentive to the competence their officials actually have to get work done on people's behalf. This issue of citizen inattentiveness and action is costing people lives, opportunities for their futures, and one of the basic promises of the the constitution of the United States: a right to pursuit of happiness, for how can we be happy if we are under educated, poor, have to ride miles to work each day and thus limit the time for other pursuits of happiness and responsibilities?

Friday, February 02, 2007


I enjoy good writing and humor, so when there is a death within the writing community I admire, I feel it necessary to take note. Molly Ivins, passed away on January 31st. Her wit and insights are wonderful and there will be a hole not easily filled by her passing.

I live on the edges or margins of many parts of our society. Yet women like Ivins demonstrate strength every bit as valuable as the characters in Alvarez' or Cofer's novels. More importantly, by speaking to and about those in position of power, Ivins and other women writers help me consider my place in the world.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

New Cookbooks

As I indicated earlier in the year, I am planning to change my ways; hence the new link to 101 Cookbooks.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I have too many interests in seems and so the site StumbleUpon provides me with another opportunity to mark interesting articles without needing to save them here on blogspot. I want to develop some cohesion or focus to what I write about here--Me--ha ha, and the StumbleUpon and YouTube sites will allow me to have sites where I can mark things of interest that either fit with Write for Peace or not. Those articles and videos that do not fall into the "me" topic will now have other places to "be."

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Cultural Influences on the Border Dancers

del Toro's interview. For me Del Toro's interview with NPR underscores the influences of old time Catholicism on the fertile mind of a growing boy. For the future director, the results are great, but for many of us who are not only Latina or whose homes were under undue influence of the Catholic religion, the consequences are a mixed bag of horrific and great things. I sometimes wish the good came without the horrific squelching of imagination, desire, and other very human and not evil parts of ourselves.

Friday, January 26, 2007

After Tech

Today I went low tech. Basic repairs that require hammer and nails, screws and screwdrivers were the closest I came to dealing with any complex thought or writing or even creativity. I hope to spend more time with books and note taking as I've put off work that now beckons. Dancing on the Edges between or on the borders of worlds and cultural perspectives take time or rather seem draining at times. So I'll quiet down a bit and re read materials to finish the last two essays I began. Later, I'll write a short proposal to Eileen Schell in the hopes that this summer I can attend the RSA workshops. I want to head further into history and rhetoric. I love those things as much as I love politics.

There Once Was a Man - Harry Connick, Jr.

Musical theater influenced my love of singing and these young people handle standards really well.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

John Lennon and Woman

I love romantic and soulful music. John Lennon's works with and for Yoko took him to a political and social realm that differed from his work with the Beatles. I like all his work but I remember the time that Woman came out had been a difficult time for me and I found the song personally uplifting. I am happy that the videos on You Tube allow me to cull some performances like Woman and Imagine, which is my favorite peace anthem. Unfortunately, since I initially posted the "Give Peace a Chance" clip, it has been removed by YouTube so I have unlinked the old site from this entry. Such a pity.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Dancing on the Edge

The title of this post is the partial title of a work I'm researching. As is often the case, I 'll not develop the entire concept here but will write occasionally of all the roles and situations whose edges and/or margins I dance on. It might be an amusing way to get into memoirs.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Food in the Coming Year

I know, I know no more resolutions but I'm getting into the kitchen again. It means finding my pots from the move and the knives too. Most importantly it means hunting down ingredients not readily available since my interests are in the Caribbean as well as good Mexican and Italian foods. I've done my homage the French cuisine when I was younger but the foods tht truly speak to my appetites are more south Mediterranean with stress on garlic, onions, tomatoes and those little spices that I'll have to go to PR to pick up. So tomorrow is find the goods to make a good simple arroz con gandules and a Spanish flavored meatloaf. Such foods will lead me away from pies and decadent desserts.

Let's see what tomorrow brings.

Monday, January 01, 2007

First Day

The new day of a new year brings out all my best intentions despite my resolve not to have "resolutions". I suppose it's habit to begin the demarcation of a new year with new energy. I'm sick of the old tired attitudes, platitudes, and the disappointments to which these lead. In a way, listening to much of the stuff out in the air leads to lives of quiet desperation.

I'm creating a new page for myself on either the yahoo or gmail sites. I've yet to put together ideas for colors and ways to market myself and my ideas for a small consulting business. Will see what comes of these explorations in the weeks to come. My creative process is impulsive and I need to save drafts for a while before publishing them. My blog space will allow for all of my impulsive explorations as the medium--language is one in which I feel comfortable. Working with colors and other materials and media will need me to adjust.

Will see what the morrow brings or births.