Monday, September 29, 2008

Alec Baldwin: A Great Actor

Alec Baldwin: A Great Actor
Baldwin touches on some of the reasons I love(d) Paul Newman. Having used the parenthesis I doubt that I really will stop loving the work and memory of such a fine human being. Perhaps Joanne Woodward can share something other than the wonderful things we saw in him. I doubt it. She is a great person, too.

Newman came into my life when I went to a theater in Dobbs Ferry, New York to see Silver Chalice. I later learned it was not Newman's favorite of his films. However, a little girl in a dark theater surrounded by classmates and the nuns who chaperoned us truly fell under the spell--the magic of movies, theaters and great actors. There have been so many of them--actors that is. I have used their works to give me solace in times of sorrow and despair and joy and love of life at other times. So when an important person who contributed to this part of my life passes from the scene, I feel the need to stop, thank them, and continue to appreciate their lives.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Breakthrough Reached in Negotiations on Bailout -

Breakthrough Reached in Negotiations on Bailout -

Perhaps we should all add up our financial problems and request aid from Uncle Sam. I mean if the big corps can get help, why shouldn't we?

Paul Newman One of the Last of the Greats

New York Times Article on Newman


Paul Newman Dies At 83

Paul Newman Dies At 83

I've reached a point in my life where some of the best of my girlhood idols are exiting the world stage. Paul Newman was a first "heartthrob" because beyond his good looks, he projected humor, intelligence and later the humanitarian traits for which many came to love him. My heart goes out to his wife Joanne Woodward and their family at this time. Their loss is personal and perhaps very painful. I hope that the knowledge of the love and esteem in which those outside the family held their loved one will sustain them at this time.

I'll post more eulogies on this blog for my own reminder of the brief nature of life.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bailing Out Financial Firms

There has been a great deal of coverage in the news concerning the impending crash. People who fear it the most are those with lots of power and money and those without any. That is my opinion. Those people involved in creating the mess understand NOW full well the consequences of their deeds. I wish they had thought ahead before their contorted financing schemes led to this moment in US history. Perhaps they will accept--although it seems they do not want to--elimination or reduction of their pay and bonuses. According to the article BailoutFuror in the NYT they are actively lobbying against such cuts and oversight changes.

Those without power fear loss of retirement funds, money market account values and are powerless to effect changes. I called a Senator from my state hoping to make an impression. I hope it works and that reason rather than rash support of ideas from the people who had a good deal to do with this financial debacle will prevail.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

How Many Latinos ?

The article by Daniel Cubias ponders the gains Latinos should be making in higher education. While I can't vouch for the numbers Cubias provides the experiences he relates resonate with me. Even in states with high numbers of Latino populations, the numbers of Latinos beyond the first two years of college seem to increase very slightly. This is troubling on many levels--social justice, economy of the states where they live, and issues of perpetually staying on the bottom rungs of the social/cultural/economic ladder.

Final Game: The House That Ruth Built

From the NYT
This story tells us about the last game at the original Yankees' Stadium. I can't get to NYC and particularly the Bronx until next year, so I appreciate the pictures included in the story.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Thinking Back to the Past

I was born in New York but only partially raised there as my mother took me with her when I was 12 to California. Living in California was hard at first as the lifestyle differed from New York's, the landscape seemed larger--broader and brighter. I mean that literally since the sunshine seemed to blind me during the first days out west. I bring this aspect of my life up because things New York create a feeling of nostalgia for the city. Today I happened upon a piece by New York Times columnist, David Gonzalez. The story hearkened memories of watching baseball with my Dad both at the Yankees' Stadium and on television. It also reawakened the longing I had for times when family was closer at hand and the sounds, rhythms, and taste of life was Puerto Rican. Here's the story I picked up from the ">NYT.

Tia Eufemia

Mi Tia Eufemia--Titi Faye died on July 10, 2008. It was the tenth anniversary of my Mother's death. So following Aunt Faye's death I spent some time in the past. Titi Faye was one of the shiest persons I knew, but that did not undermine the quiet strength she possessed.

My cousin sent us all a the cards put out at funerals with the relevant data about my aunt's life--date of birth, date of death, names of the children she leaves behind. Included among the cards was one that appeared "home" made. It had a lovely photograph of my aunt when she was a young vibrant woman. The other card had a photograph taken shortly after she passed. She was in her bed and looked peacefully asleep. This concept of using the photographs of the deceased on cards meant to be mementos is one with which I have little experience but it is comforting to know that death looks like sleep.

Sharing not only the pictures of my aunt, her daughter, Louisa also shared the sayings of our Grandmother Luisa, whose oral "dichos" were heard in any household headed by her many daughters. Now my Aunt Teanne is the last of these aunts from Abuela Luisa's strand.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Poll Madness: McCain Takes Lead Even As Democrats Out-Register Republicans?

I think I smell rats. Corporate media must be skewing the polling in order to influence people into giving up and not voting. Worse yet, corporate media uses polls to make news to entertain masses with pseudo-scientific sounding data to support any spin they wish to make about the election. I think we should take a deep breath and consider boycotting CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, and any other news outlet that would numb us with useless or ill gotten information. I hate the entertainment aspect of recent news cycles.
About Barack Obama
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Monday, September 08, 2008

Obama Fights Back

I hope that there will be more discussion of issues, but until people stop believing the hype, some politicians need to fight back on the underlying hyperbole of their opponents' ads.

Jamie Lee Curtis: Do You Think I'm Stupid?

An article by a brainy "celebrity" who can write well and make salient points.

Jamie Lee Curtis: Do You Think I'm Stupid?

Saturday, September 06, 2008 A Note to All by Anne Kilkenny

An insider's insight to the potentially next Vice-President of the United States. A Note to All by Anne Kilkenny

Friday, September 05, 2008

Most Clinton backers say Palin's too far a stretch - Yahoo! News

The comments of some of the people in this story are reasons why I fear for the fate of our country. I love the USA warts and all, but irrational reasons for supporting some politicians without regard to the good of the nation--that really floors me. I may have to join the well connected and leave this nation if ignorance prevails.

Most Clinton backers say Palin's too far a stretch - Yahoo! News

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Jon Stewart

For a fun look at hypocrisy. Here's Jon!