Hispanic Nation Part 1

Reading the book, Hispanic Nation by Geoffrey Fox and finding it crystallizes many of the ideas on identity formation and some of the politics behind it. I'm also perusing Brown by Richard Rodriguez. Each book is useful in my revisions of a two year old essay. Rodriguez is poetic and his writing this time around meanders much like my own does. I am enjoying the conversations he has within his imagination with books and authors he's read in the past. It's true that authors we read become a part of us of who we are. I like that. He finally discusses his ideas about hybridity. Much of what he's saying if familiar to my own ideas except for the specific experiences. This kind of reminds me of Victor Villanueva's shared experiences in his writings. The difference there are the ones created by gender and public versus private schools. Sometimes the grass does look greener in other people's lives or gardens. I suppose that one could look at life as a garden in the process of becoming. In Rodriguez' and my cases the books and authors would be the particular flowers in it, alongside our family members and other significant others.
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