Sunday, August 31, 2008

Catching Up

I have been avoiding writing and now am madly trying to make up for my procrastinating ways. I've finished the piece on revision and hope I'll be kinder to myself on my upcoming piece "Dancing on the Edge of Life" from a future book that borders memoirs and academic genres. Of course, the edges of life include all the boundaries created by languages, cultures, and class roles that I observe and experience.


One of the very best speeches by Hillary. The night of the DNC speech truly brought home to me just how talented this woman is. I don't always like the way she presents herself. However, in this moment she transcended all her minor flaws.

Acceptance Speech at Mile High Stadium, Denver Colorado

Students of language will want to listen and study the judicious use of language in this acceptance speech. Obama masterfully counters claims made by the McCain Election committee. He does this point by point but does not present an argumentative posture. Well done. My kind of argument. I wish I had this skill.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cable News Covering The DNC With Republican Cue Cards

I have quit paying attention to the cable news crowd. I enjoyed the coverage of the DNC on C-Span. I plan to watch some of the RNC on C-Span, too. I don't need overpaid blow hards to tell me what I've just seen and heard.
About Democratic Convention
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