Monday, December 28, 2009

Rumination on Yearly Events

Many people spend the end of the year thinking of their plans and hopes for the future. This is never a bad thing, but I really liked Arianna Huffington's approach to the annual event. I'll not remark here on my personal character failings, but I'll look at what I'd like to see disappear from the public discourses.

I believe Arianna Huffington captured a good deal the things I've thought disposable from our society. I'd add discourtesy among people who disagree and excessive politicization of events that that should be viewed in common. For example, making national security issues a matter of opportunity to score political points should disappear from the public square. The recent bombing attempt affects all of us and should not become an opportunity to raise funds for personal politics.

Calling the President a liar at the convening of both houses of congress also what Captain Hook would call "bad form". I suppose the coarsening of the body politic is something I wish would disappear.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Ay si como han pasado los anos. Es tan importante vivir en el momento para no tener sufrimientos de los amores que perdimos. ;-(


De vez en cuando necesito oir canciones en el espanol. Y Rocio Durcal y Juan Gabriel me tocan el alma.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Unseen Hemingway Photographs Discovered - The Picture Show Blog : NPR

Unseen Hemingway Photographs Discovered - The Picture Show Blog : NPR

style and image making are unbeatable. Plus his name like my father's have deep meanings for me. Oh to write like a Hemingway whose images soar to the sky and blend with the sea.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Imagine a new world order

Leonard Cohen fainted in Spain and whilst I was trying to get a fan's YouTube video of the incident, I ran across a page of suggestions others have made for me. Imagine by Lennon was on the top of the suggestion list.

Lennon is and will always be my favorite Beatle even if he was flawed. Sometimes I think people who would have our heroes be perfect have no understanding of human nature.

In any event, once again, I'd like to include the url for the song here on my blog. Considering that we have built up these military industrial complexes around the world, I'd like to imagine a peace industrial complex where all work goes for the betterment of humankind.

Here's Lennon's song:

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Last Lion's Roar Is Silenced

The last day and night have had me return to old memories of my idealistic youth. With Edward Moore Kennedy's passing--hopefully to greater peace--stories of his life and deeds are on the air waves and with them the stories of his famous brothers. I am not Irish but I do wish to hear Irish songs and and tales of past with less maudlin feeling but with the hope and joy these men brought to our lives. I want to recall the vibrancy of the Jack Kennedy administration, the idealism of Robert Kennedy's life, and the hard work that Edward (Teddy) engaged in after his brothers were felled by assassins bullets.

I am a New York born Puerto Rican American who knows the ideals these men carried, for they were fostered in my being by the good nuns of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart and my Mother, Escolastica Oquendo. My Dad, Ernesto Arroyo Rodriguez was a quiet man and rarely shared his political or social beliefs. He did work hard, however, and supported me so I imagine he must have agreed with Mom and me.

All of the thoughts connected with my family, my ideals, my hopes and dreams for the United States and all people living within it are intimately linked to the lives of the work the Kennedy Family has done and continues to do for our country. Like many other USAmericans of my generation, I feel that this special USAmerican family is also my family. If I tear up or cry hardily it is because I feel this kinship strongly. So I also pray for those Kennedys who remain behind at this additional loss.

However in Ted Kennedy's life there s much to be celebrated and their were great joys as he took on the role of father figure for his numerous nieces and nephews. Losing a parent is hard and I am certain from the devotion to him from those nieces and nephews that he did the best he could to fill in for his fallen brothers.

For these reasons I honor them with the passing of the last of the original Kennedy Brothers. My new hope is that the Kennedy family is joined by more of us who have the same ideals to make much of the incomplete tasks for the United States and its citizen an accomplished fact.

I pray that more of us can understand that the label "Liberal" is a positive one --one that aspires associations with the best of the United States and its people.

I pray that we can begin to remember the interconnections between all of us and work together for the greater good of all.

I pray that bottom line thinking about education and health no longer be the final means of evaluating what we do for our children, sick, or elderly.

RIP EMKennedy

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Working to Get Back on Track

I've not been writing regularly and I must get back to some sort of regimen to do so. Also, I'll be happier divesting self of all my opinion in the "blogosphere".

I have a writing project that does not seem to get onto paper or computerized file. I have lots of approaches but none seem to be "good enough". Could I be self-editing before anything is even written out? I think I am. So in order to get myself fine tuned to language, which I love, I've been reading lots of contemporary poetry along with my favorites--The Romantics from England and Walt Whitman from here in the US.

Billy Collins' book, Ballistics is fantastic despite its many references to death. In fact, the humor along with the imagery makes me laugh and think at the same time. The most thought provoking of the works I've read so far is "The First Night"

After reading it, I, too, ponder my personal need to seize the moment or "carpe diem" which seems to be the underlying position or message. Of course, Collins is not too far from me in age so I feel that the desire to renew oneself and gain pleasure from the life one has is a most practical message. But the idea of the first night of death itself has deeper areas for people to contemplate and enjoy.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah

I like Leonard Cohen's version of his composition "Hallelujah" as well as KD Lang's version of "Hallelujah" although she has a more melodic voice.

Leonard Cohen - Dance Me to the End of Love

I've been playing this on the computer because I'm starting a biography --writing it that is--and the pictures in the background match the pictures of me and my parents' generation and ideal of marriage and love that lasts through one's life and even when a spouse dies and is no longer physically present. Plus, the song sounds so very French. This too is lovely.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Franken Blasts Supreme Court During Sotomayor Vote

I am so very pleased with Franken's performance. I've read his books and am additionally pleased that the Senate now has an articulate man of the people in its midst.

Thank you Senator Franken; I wish Arizona had such a senator as you.
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

writing about writing

I started a new blog on Opera a great google want to be browser and blogger. So far I want to keep my written meanderings private on that blog and if I get ideas that need further development I'll both extend the entries and repost them here.

Eventually, I'd like this more public blog to contain all of my thinking about my writing projects because I'd like to get some encouragement from my colleagues when I'm further into my work.

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Krugman/Limbaugh Nightmare: President Obama Might Succeed

I am glad Frank Schaeffer wrote this piece. It expresses much of what I've been discussing with family members. I am glad to learn of Krugman's dubious history and know from experience that one need not be anti-intellectual to accurately critique people on either the far left or far right of the political ideological spectrum.

Kudos to Schaeffer for his writing and thinking.
About Barack Obama
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Connections through Books

One of the people who follows me onTwitter The Booklmp led me to a book on POE which falls in one of my many favored genres--bio-mystery. So when I am done with some of the work I've picked up for my self I'll like to read it. I have a kundra Milan book and a historical biography and a history lined up before it. But I know I'll get to it before too long.

I also note that the new president of these United States seems interested in the same political/historical books I've read or have on my to read list. So although I am short, older and out of shape, I have something in common with our energetic, hardworking new president.

I'd kill for Michelle Obama's arms. they are in great shape.

Of course, being younger than I she has learned the habit of caring for herself so she can be able to care for husband and daughters. Clever woman, she!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Too Much with Which to Catch Up

The news has been coming at me from all directions and I've promised myself to decrease information intake so I can focus on myself. Financially I am behaving like an ostrich with head in sand, yet I do make efforts to manage things more realistically. How are we to get through this patch of economic downturn? I think we should learn from it and use the time to create new opportunities to make a life less centered on materialism.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama's First Day in Office

Many of us are in love with the new first family for its style and today we learn we can love them for their substance. In the NYT, I found an article about how Obama will keep promises made during the campaign. On the second day in office, Obama is to finally issue another set of executive orders meant to close down the network of prisons the CIA has because they are not part of the system of laws which USAmericans hold as the ideal.

So many ideas come to mind that remain a jumble. One of my first thoughts concerns my questioning of how this country came to have agencies that could flout US laws with such ease. It is no wonder that some of us perceive an illness which has rotted our moral fiber. Preaching to others how to behave while acting in perverse unlawful ways led to the decline in US standing in the world.

However, that is not the topic I wish to address. What I want to express and ponder over for the coming days is my and I imagine others' identification with our new President of the United States.

Yes he speaks well; yes he is handsome, yes he has charm and great intellect and other skills. I suppose for some of us Obama has come to represent a second coming of JFK. I identify with him because of his self-deprecating comments that he is a mutt. I've felt the same way about myself despite the fact that my parents were from the same country and same general background. My connection to being a mutt goes back to old identity issues which return every now and then. I am a woman, I am short, I am USAmerican, I come from Puerto Rican parents and thus have Puerto Rican roots, I am in part a New Yorker but I am a California woman too. I belong everywhere and yet I belong nowhere. I fit in and still remain on the margins. These realities make me and I presume make Mr. Obama a most complex person. I say this with an appreciation of the good things that the complexity gives to our new President.

May his term succeed and may all of us come to appreciate the "mutt" in all of us.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The 11 Best Foods You Aren’t Eating - Well Blog -

The 11 Best Foods You Aren’t Eating - Well Blog -

This year I'm trying to get back to better healthy eating and thus I'm saving this article on my blog to share with whomever drops in and to remind me of things to buy for future meals.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Sweet on Caroline

I read Maureen Dowd from time to time, frequently agreeing with her points. This article on "Sweet on Caroline" is one I especially applaud because Dowd underscores the pretentiousness of many NY and DC politicos.