Wednesday, March 31, 2010


As I wrote a few entries ago, I have begun practicing the art of "being" which I define as paying attention to what happens around me and what I am feeling. It is all a part of getting healthy and my journey towards "enlightenment" as a fellow blogger and friend notes.  I can tell "Spring" has arrived because I have a hacking cough due to dust and pollen with which this desert is blessed in abundance during seasonal return of new leaves to trees in the area. It doesn't help that two of the primary indigenous trees in the area--mesquite and palo verde contribute to my allergies. But all is well as other diversions will take to focus from the cough to happier thoughts.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Maureen Dowd's NYT Piece 3-28-2010

A Nope for Pope a lovely and insightful editorial about an old but important issue--the exclusion of women from the halls of power in religious institutions. In this case, the ever going and deepening crisis of child molestation in the Catholic Church. Dowd correctly points out that a good part of the solution to the crisis would be the opening up of church to women as priests. There are other solutions served up in Dowd's piece, but I fear the rottweiler in charge of the church is too deeply embroiled in the scandal to take any new ideas and implement them. Like others faced with a problem of their own making the non solution is to dig deep into obscure rationales for staying on a course that could likely doom the church's claim to moral leadership.


Recently I've engaged in a bit more soul searching than usual. I finally had the idea driven to the core of my being that I needed to make changes--big ones in my life. I guess I finally reached an understanding of points my loved ones had tried to make for a long time. I am referring to eating habits and reasons for eating here. I accidentally came across an advertisement for a diet while reading something on the Huffington Post.

The most important thing I learned from the advertisement is this: the enemy is not food in general. It is SUGAR! Sugar and low physical activity my nemesis will be challenged.

I now have the feeling of satisfaction of having followed through by not accepting sweets that are not grown on someone's farm and by practicing a little tai-chi. When I finish my first ten weeks, I'll just go for another and then I can gain greater satisfaction.

My Response to Frank Rich of the NYT

In a thoughtful opinion piece in the NYT for Sunday, March 28, 2010, Frank Rich lists the irrational responses to Obama, members of congress that do not look like the old congresses. His analysis is excellent and it is indeed a shame that people fail to reflect on the obvious consequences of life. Things change in life and too many people become hysterical, irrational, childish, and at times dangerous when events do not unfold in the manner that they wished for or expected. One critique of Rich's piece is that he doesn't name the racist elements of shifts in power taking hold in the US. I for one do not see a huge sea change. However, I identify with those marginalized voices which are slowly being represented in the new Congress and especially with the Obama presidency.

When Justice Soto-Mayor gained entry to the Supreme Court, I had a call from one of my cousins stating that the newly minted Justice looked and spoke like me.  I apologize to the Justice in advance. She is more Chic than I am.  Nonetheless a Puerto Rican American who struggled to become educated and worked hard to gain admission to the halls of power is but a small demonstration of what USAmerica looks like in the future.

Friday, March 26, 2010

When Bill Maher Is Right!!

Bill Maher: New Rule: You Can't Use "There Will Be No Cooperation for the Rest of the Year" as a Threat If There Was No Cooperation in the First Half of the Year

I love to listen to wisecracking Bill Maher whenever I can, although sometimes I disagree with him. However, I can't help but fully agree with his New Rules commentary posted at the Huffington Post. Many of us are celebrating the passage of Health Insurance Reform. Maher's commentary is both a nod to the success of the new law but also an admonishment for Democrats to take their newly acquired feeling of success as reason and method to push forward with other equally important and difficult work ahead.

Fortunately, the President's party has quite a number of strong leaders that include many women. We are all aware of the strength and support Hilary Clinton brings to diplomatic discussions on behalf of President Obama. Palin seems to be the only woman held in high esteem by members of her party and so they turn to her. However talented Ms Palin is there is little of substance in her positions I would admire. Nancy Pelosi demonstrates a different view of women in politics. Perhaps because she has worked hard to gain the Speakership of the House of Representatives in the U.S. and because she has dealt with issues concerning women, Pelosi was able to grasp the need for party unity, and its ability to go it alone when partnerships fail. The Republican members of the House and Senate relinquished their responsibilities for participating in governing the country during the past year. When there is a failure of leadership in the minority party, the majority party must make a decision to take control of the work that needs to be done. There comes a point when one partner says to the other: "I understand you want to do things your way, we have done it your way and it does not work. Stop the threats and the passive aggressive behavior we'll go it alone." We have reached the point of going it alone.

There is honor in doing the thing that is right for the national family and do what is right for the family members. President Obama needs to understand that winning will lead to bipartisanship but he need not go out begging for votes from people who seek to destroy his ideals for USAmerica and his presidency.

Bill you are 100% on this one.

I Love POTUS Again.....But Michelle can ...

After months nay a year and a few months of wrangling with wily and contentious members of the US Congress, a health bill is passed. President Obama smiles broadly again and I love him again, but Michelle can live with him. He took some getting used to as his style of politicking is different--nerve wracking and seemingly high risk. Yet he got the first step toward good health care passed. I must Say that much could not have been managed without that other woman in Obama's life (he has so many powerful ones to deal with)--Nancy Pelosi with her smiling brown eyes. Obama may want to get a copy of Frank Sinatra's song for his daughter Nancy and send it to Ms Pelosi. Once I heard her say she'd get the fixes done I was sure.

It is a testament to President Obama that he has sought the counsel and help from women. Yes we know he has high octane men in his administration, but Nancy Pelosi and Hilary Clinton. Wow what a team. As I get to know about the others on his team, I doubt I'll be disappointed in his selections--Larry Summers aside.

So way to go and I feel this law is just a beginning.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Trying NOT to be Cynical

The way things move in real life compared with the way things move in public life can lead a person to grow not only tired by cynical about good citizenship. Why vote? The folks who get elected use rules or the system to do nothing of real value and there is much to be done.

Stewart on Beck's Interview with Massa

Jon Stewart's take on Beck and Massa. Really funny.