Friday, December 28, 2007

Corporate Greed a Drain on the Middle Class

I read the Huffington Post daily and found this gem on Edwards' stump speeches in Iowa.

Alternet Take on Edwards

I have been a bit disheartened by all the talk about a Hillary win in the Democratic Presidential Primaries. The news on Edwards provides a boost in my morale, although that renegade Dennis Kucinich has been more consistent on every issue---corporate America, the war, the focus on the Middle East---all in all Edwards would be my 2nd choice.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Benazir Bhutto: From the Oxford Union to her Last Rally in Rawalpindi

Arianna Huffington wrote a decent piece on the death of a woman who like herself came to leadership position in a British university club. I find it interesting that as foreigners in England they overcame any possible stigma of "other" through the kind of fearlessness that Huffington writes about. I am a woman whose realm is not that of the elite with which these two women associated. However, I have fought through bouts of fearfulness to do what I can in my little corner of my world. Tomorrow, after all the initial hoopla over the former prime minister's death is tamped down, I will plod along to do what I can to listen better and help those whose lives I may influence.

Women leaders who represent what is good in human kind are rare in the rarefied atmosphere of international/world politics. Women, who like me, work toward making their ideals a reality are rarer still because idealism interferes with the status quo of acquiring and keeping power to the detriment of people one is supposed to lead, guide, and help. Despite the contradictory comments about Bhutto's political history, I tend to honor her. After all her history is frequently transcribed by men whose own attachment to power and corruption is challenged by women such as Bhutto. May she be at peace. May her family feel her strength and love in the months and years ahead, and may the many decent people of Pakistan get leaders worthy of their support. That is my small prayer from Tempe Arizona on a day such as today.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Arianna on Huckabee's Surge in Iowa

I've not been writing too often in my blogs. I've a lot of unfinished entires that I'll finish later tonight but I had to respond to this piece by Arianna Huffington. She's awesome and I'm so happy for the success of the Huffington Post. I like to have one place to go to where I can get a variety of opinions from Andrew Sullivan to Marty Kaplan. They're all good writers with diverse or often contrary opinions. But when hardcore Republicans are decrying the state of their party I actually gain hope that we will finally listen to the words in the constitution of the United States. That we will actually disentangle religion from politics. I realize we all behave in accordance with our personal beliefs and that many of those beliefs have religious ideological overtones. However, most religions have many things in common -- murder is wrong, stealing is bad, coveting a neighbor's husband is bad etc. But those rules are common sensical because they provide order to any social group. However to claim that one's religious beliefs should be the the basis for laws that cover all people in a country that is going too far. Why? Well many of us would not want the government dictating our personal practices, for we do not all follow the same religion.

Just the other day while doing a very Latina thing (at least in my family--I was getting my nails done) I met a very bright and attractive Muslim woman who went on to disparage the undue influence of "Jews" in this country. While I understand the reason why she would think this, I understood that there are other elements for the relationship between the United States and Israel that have nothing to do with Israel being a "Jewish" state, but everything to do with evangelical fervor for the coming of the end of days.

So I cannot support discrimination of Jews because a nation that is almost a Jewish theocracy is heavily supported by the United States.

I do understand other kinds of relationships that are going on to tie the US to Israel.

So do we need an evangelical neo-con in the White House? I think not and I pray that fair minded Republicans will not allow the man from Hope Arkansas to go to the White House. Of course, I'm not hoping for the wife of the other Man from Hope Arkansas to make in to the White House again.

Obama or John Edwards seem to me to be the likeliest to win although I hope they pay attention to Bill Richardson and Joe Biden when they win the Donkey's trophy.