Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I have too many interests in seems and so the site StumbleUpon provides me with another opportunity to mark interesting articles without needing to save them here on blogspot. I want to develop some cohesion or focus to what I write about here--Me--ha ha, and the StumbleUpon and YouTube sites will allow me to have sites where I can mark things of interest that either fit with Write for Peace or not. Those articles and videos that do not fall into the "me" topic will now have other places to "be."

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Cultural Influences on the Border Dancers

del Toro's interview. For me Del Toro's interview with NPR underscores the influences of old time Catholicism on the fertile mind of a growing boy. For the future director, the results are great, but for many of us who are not only Latina or whose homes were under undue influence of the Catholic religion, the consequences are a mixed bag of horrific and great things. I sometimes wish the good came without the horrific squelching of imagination, desire, and other very human and not evil parts of ourselves.

Friday, January 26, 2007

After Tech

Today I went low tech. Basic repairs that require hammer and nails, screws and screwdrivers were the closest I came to dealing with any complex thought or writing or even creativity. I hope to spend more time with books and note taking as I've put off work that now beckons. Dancing on the Edges between or on the borders of worlds and cultural perspectives take time or rather seem draining at times. So I'll quiet down a bit and re read materials to finish the last two essays I began. Later, I'll write a short proposal to Eileen Schell in the hopes that this summer I can attend the RSA workshops. I want to head further into history and rhetoric. I love those things as much as I love politics.

There Once Was a Man - Harry Connick, Jr.

Musical theater influenced my love of singing and these young people handle standards really well.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

John Lennon and Woman

I love romantic and soulful music. John Lennon's works with and for Yoko took him to a political and social realm that differed from his work with the Beatles. I like all his work but I remember the time that Woman came out had been a difficult time for me and I found the song personally uplifting. I am happy that the videos on You Tube allow me to cull some performances like Woman and Imagine, which is my favorite peace anthem. Unfortunately, since I initially posted the "Give Peace a Chance" clip, it has been removed by YouTube so I have unlinked the old site from this entry. Such a pity.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Dancing on the Edge

The title of this post is the partial title of a work I'm researching. As is often the case, I 'll not develop the entire concept here but will write occasionally of all the roles and situations whose edges and/or margins I dance on. It might be an amusing way to get into memoirs.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Food in the Coming Year

I know, I know no more resolutions but I'm getting into the kitchen again. It means finding my pots from the move and the knives too. Most importantly it means hunting down ingredients not readily available since my interests are in the Caribbean as well as good Mexican and Italian foods. I've done my homage the French cuisine when I was younger but the foods tht truly speak to my appetites are more south Mediterranean with stress on garlic, onions, tomatoes and those little spices that I'll have to go to PR to pick up. So tomorrow is find the goods to make a good simple arroz con gandules and a Spanish flavored meatloaf. Such foods will lead me away from pies and decadent desserts.

Let's see what tomorrow brings.

Monday, January 01, 2007

First Day

The new day of a new year brings out all my best intentions despite my resolve not to have "resolutions". I suppose it's habit to begin the demarcation of a new year with new energy. I'm sick of the old tired attitudes, platitudes, and the disappointments to which these lead. In a way, listening to much of the stuff out in the air leads to lives of quiet desperation.

I'm creating a new page for myself on either the yahoo or gmail sites. I've yet to put together ideas for colors and ways to market myself and my ideas for a small consulting business. Will see what comes of these explorations in the weeks to come. My creative process is impulsive and I need to save drafts for a while before publishing them. My blog space will allow for all of my impulsive explorations as the medium--language is one in which I feel comfortable. Working with colors and other materials and media will need me to adjust.

Will see what the morrow brings or births.