Media and Language

My friend Bill De Genero wrote in his blogspot:

"feeding frenzy

The wall-to-wall media coverage of the death of Anna Nicole Smith would have surprised even Andy Warhol. This media moment assumes its place alongside the O.J. car chase and the Long Island Lolita as an "event" surely to inspire multiple made-for-tv movies, a tabloid moment that seems to have some longevity. . . ."

It seems that our society has devolved to the point of finding entertainment from gossipy stories about politicians, entertainers, and people from afar. Yet the people who are supposed to participate in a democracy/republic called US are less attentive to the underlying motivations of their elected officials, or less attentive to the competence their officials actually have to get work done on people's behalf. This issue of citizen inattentiveness and action is costing people lives, opportunities for their futures, and one of the basic promises of the the constitution of the United States: a right to pursuit of happiness, for how can we be happy if we are under educated, poor, have to ride miles to work each day and thus limit the time for other pursuits of happiness and responsibilities?
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