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After a Long Pause: Why I Chase Storms.

For many years I used the term Stormchaser for my proclivity in chasing storms in Tucson's desert valley. I'm back in the desert and while no longer changing my interest in chasing down thunderstorms, I enjoy chasing storms of different kinds.  I earned my doctorate in English/Rhetoric, Composition and the Teaching of English from the University of Arizona.  It is a fact, that without my knowing so at the time, working on that degree was the biggest storm for me to chase.

My interests upon entering the University of Arizona were centered around different groups such as Native Americans and the effects of sexist language on women. I'd earned my Master's Degree writing on ways that generic "he" or "man" had on women.  In essence, my interests were on the ways that the "main culture" erases or silences women in general but Native Americans, Latinas as well.  I liked socio-linguistics and psycholinguistics which I had which I had used in my Ma…

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