Thursday, May 19, 2016

Why We Should Care for One Another

Like all good citizens I've been following the goings on of people running for office. People I used to support are now flashing their true colors of indifference to the people who will vote for them. Now I see the greed and vehemence with which they fight to attain the power of the office for which they are standing.

Has our country become an oligarchy or fascist state already? I had hoped now. It seems that my vote truly doesn't matter because people running on important issues no longer receive media attention. The only folks receiving media attention are those who start media cat fights which bring ratings to the TV or radio stations that carry their programing.

We need to have people who care about what is happening and are brave enough to take stands which are unpopular but which will correct the ills of too much money and too little concern for reform of the system. The system in its need to protect itself will never willingly accede power to the people. So the grassroots people for change must fight for the changes needed. The powerful will fight to maintain power. So persistence and solidarity will eventually win out. We must take care of one another and support one another in order to stop the erosion of the tenets on which this country was built.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Why Stormchaser?

For many years I used the term Stormchaser for my proclivity in chasing storms in Tucson's desert valley. I'm back in the desert and while no longer changing my interest in chasing down thunderstorms I enjoy chasing different kinds or of all sorts.

I'm at a stage now where reflection is a part of my learning and writing. So I spend time trying to interrogate my own actions from the past as well as from the more recent present. My first entry of course is a combination of past/and present. As my experiences lead me to select a certain type of person for friendships, ideals of romance--although these are unrealistic. However, as friends, I find myself making good long distance friendships by seeing the human storms beneath their surfaces.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Libya Freed?

I have been out exercising, watching movies or doing just about anything to avoid watching or listening to the news. These days the news depresses me as I realize there is very little I can do to impact the world for the better.  I just learned via Al Jezeera and the Huffington Post that Mr. Gaddafy's sons have surrendered to the rebel forces and that soon the terrorist from Tripoli will be gone.

Well that is one less war for our country to engage in. For this I am very happy. If more of us could find ways to create peace and love for our children and grandchildren's generations, I'll be a very happy woman.

Like all things in the media, I will take this news with a grain of salt until tomorrow or later just to be assured that the war in North Africa is over. Of course, then we must pay attention to the disruption between Egypt and Israel. People with long memories and unjust causes will always exist. So wars are always a potential threat to all of us.

May God bless the human race and grant us peace. It is not as if we are aliens to one another. The only differences are those of  language and culture. Other than that, we are all human.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Colin Firth

It is true that Colin Firth is a very handsome man. I first saw him in Valmont. Later I saw him in the Arts and Entertainment channel's production of Pride and Prejudice, subsequently he was in Bridget Jones parts 1 and 2. He was charming in The Importance of Being Earnest and Love Actually. He demonstrated his comedic talent as well as his singing in the movie based on Oscar Wilde's story. But his performance in  A Single Man topped the others I'd seen him in. I even prefer this film to The King's Speech, which also demonstrated Firth's acting skill. Perhaps it is the English reserve which bursts into something else in each character he's played lately that has made an impression.

As I age, I require good movies for when the print seems to small in the books I have yet to read.

Viewing A Single Man

Tonight I actually watched the entire movie, A Single Man.  I'm glad I spent time with it because it highlighted  truths about the human condition that I'd failed to notice in my first view of the film. I believe I failed to focus on these truths or true to me experiences the first time because as often is the case distractions entered my mind while viewing the film for the first time. I engaged with many other things to truly appreciate the themes of the movie.

Although the story is about a man who has lost his partner of 16 years, the grief, the sense of loneliness, the need of human contact are true of us all. I do not need to be a homosexual male to see the grief that overtakes a person at the loss of a truly loving partner. It is hard to suddenly realize that you must continue on your own. Interestingly, in his final day, George visits an old female friend, whom he's known for many years, is propositioned by a handsome Spaniard at a liquor store ---George was buying Tanqueray Gin for Charlotte--and later George spends a good night with one of his students talking about being born alone and dying alone and in fact spending the rest of our lives alone locked in our bodies. I would say locked in our minds. By the end of the film, George has his moment of revelation that fits with his student's statement about the importance of living in the moment and relishing the joy of life whenever it comes. Connections to other humans on a deep level wind up being the things that truly matter in a human life.

I liked the movie because it shows character development throughout it. As an avid reader and movie watcher of long standing I really enjoy those films where focus is on character first and plot second. I could envision this movie with a different ending. Why because the young student becomes a possible person with whom George could begin a new chapter in his life. Yet the end is perfect because what he had with Jim was perfect. Anything else would not be better it would be survival. And in my estimation survival can be a heavy thing in one's life.

I know this because in my life I have survived to find myself alone and very much involved with thinking. Like Charlotte in the film, I no longer have a regular job. I work on line and I miss the face to face interactions with my students. Unlike Charlotte, I don't think I have the energy to deal with teaching full time again.

I see it more profoundly now that connecting deeply with friends and sharing thoughts and times that are important to them as well as to me are those nuggets of time we treasure and in fact define part of our purposes in living.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Reminders from the Past

I've made a sad realization within the past few days. So much of my life has been spent on achieving something outside of myself that I neglected to love myself as I do others. A few days ago my youngest daughter, Elizabeth, found the picture on the right, which she photographed with her cell phone camera. That is the reason the picture is so unclear. The point of this entry is that I did not recognize the young mother. I never spent time looking at myself and caring for myself. This picture is a total repudiation of how I thought of myself. It also is a total vindication of my Mother's idea that women should try to leave the house looking a little "made up".

Thank God my hair was fixed in this picture or I doubt that my Mom, who took the picture would have let me get away with unkempt hair.

My daughters do a better job of "putting on their outside faces" and of keeping themselves at a healthy weight. Unfortunately, I have neglected myself. So now I must create more time to fix up when I leave the house.

I sure hate to say this but Mom was right. I should take care of how I look for myself's sake as well as for my children.
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Sunday, July 31, 2011

How Does an Englishman Enter a Puerto Rican Family

Family gatherings are such fun. My cousin David Rosas officially tied the knot in the Bronx in front of friends and family. Unfortunately, I was not there. However, my son James and his youngest Jazzie were there as part of the wedding party--best man and flower girl respectively. James sent pictures of David and his beautiful bride, Mary Jane.

As often is the case in all families there is a rift between some of us and one of my offspring. If it were up to me alone, I'd say forgive and forget. I think James agrees with this, except he would want one condition which I cannot discuss in a public or semi-public forum. 

This family issue began over six years ago with an "untruthful" accusation. So this morning, I found the following quote from quotes of the day right on the front page of IGoogle.It deals with one core problem--lying to cover up one's own faults or lying to look better than one's other siblings. I am not sure how this family issue will play out. I'm getting older and I'd love to see an end to this issue. I'll have to think of how it would be possible to heal this small but important to me part of the family.

Winston ChurchillA lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.

Mr. Churchill always did have a way with words. The truth will come out but it's a bit like a tortoise which has yet to reach the goal line.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Dissent in Our Politics

Okay this is not "new" but I'm so disheartened by the lack of civil civic discourse. Today, July 29, 2011, follows an all night session of the House of Representatives in the US. The outcome? A minority of new or freshmen members of the US House of Representatives did the equivalent of putting a gun to the collective head of the rest of the nation's citizenry to force passage of an amendment which may be a good thing but not at this time. The economy may tank and the yahoos want to stop government intervention to help the economy. They do not want to restrict banks and other financiers from creating bogus instruments they can sell to unsuspecting people.

These are the same people who value home, mother, apple pie, and heterosexual marriages--only. Those are the limits of their "Christian" values.

Dreaming of Daddy

Sylvia Plath may have had issues with her "Daddy" but I don't remember any with my Dad. The other day I found some pictures of him when he was so young and "cute" that I couldn't believe my eyes. Pictures are great but in someways I wish he were here for me to hug him and "force" him to talk more. Or were the women in the family the only ones who told their stories? Now I'll have to reconstruct my Dad's life by going over the pictures and my memories and reconstructing something I can leave for my children. They all loved him as much as my Mom, although Mom is all I heard about for a long time.