Doing Our Jobs

I come from a Latina--Puerto Rican family. However, I introduce myself as bilingual, bicultural, (possibly multicultural if one counts discourse communities)and Latina Feminist. Sitting down to read and write is difficult because of early training to be up and doing--doing what? Clean, cook, shop, anything but sit and read and write.

It wasn't until I returned to school many years ago that I discovered that writing was work and that it was valuable to communicate and explore ideas as well as stories, events etc. If those of us who are bilingual/cultural do not speak/write our stories we condemn ourselves to having others speak for us. I have added website to my links because this husband and wife team spend time doing that which I was discouraged from until a relatively short time ago.

Now I am encouraged to keep on with my readings and writing to see if my historical tour will lead to new insights. So now I return to Sor Juana and Mother Juana for this night.
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