Thursday, February 22, 2007

Doing Our Jobs

I come from a Latina--Puerto Rican family. However, I introduce myself as bilingual, bicultural, (possibly multicultural if one counts discourse communities)and Latina Feminist. Sitting down to read and write is difficult because of early training to be up and doing--doing what? Clean, cook, shop, anything but sit and read and write.

It wasn't until I returned to school many years ago that I discovered that writing was work and that it was valuable to communicate and explore ideas as well as stories, events etc. If those of us who are bilingual/cultural do not speak/write our stories we condemn ourselves to having others speak for us. I have added website to my links because this husband and wife team spend time doing that which I was discouraged from until a relatively short time ago.

Now I am encouraged to keep on with my readings and writing to see if my historical tour will lead to new insights. So now I return to Sor Juana and Mother Juana for this night.

Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/ing Us

The advent of technology has widened and deepened our ability to write as witnessed by the upsurge in the numbers of blogs created in the past five years alone. I teach and have come to find the benefits useful to discuss with classes.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Way Too Much Time Away

I started reading so I can re start my writing projects. Now I have many of them and hope to get a good start with a more rigorous schedule. Also, I'll be off to Tucson for a couple of days and then I'll be able to write at the UofA's Library which is quite useful.

As to my doings around here, I finally began the process of becoming an "Arizonan" by getting a local library card. I live in Tempe Arizona now and finally went off to the library. The library in Tempe is awesome and I predict many happy escape moments there. While this apartment is quite commodious, the light at my writing station is good for only so long. The library does not suffer from such inconveniences.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Media and Language

My friend Bill De Genero wrote in his blogspot:

"feeding frenzy

The wall-to-wall media coverage of the death of Anna Nicole Smith would have surprised even Andy Warhol. This media moment assumes its place alongside the O.J. car chase and the Long Island Lolita as an "event" surely to inspire multiple made-for-tv movies, a tabloid moment that seems to have some longevity. . . ."

It seems that our society has devolved to the point of finding entertainment from gossipy stories about politicians, entertainers, and people from afar. Yet the people who are supposed to participate in a democracy/republic called US are less attentive to the underlying motivations of their elected officials, or less attentive to the competence their officials actually have to get work done on people's behalf. This issue of citizen inattentiveness and action is costing people lives, opportunities for their futures, and one of the basic promises of the the constitution of the United States: a right to pursuit of happiness, for how can we be happy if we are under educated, poor, have to ride miles to work each day and thus limit the time for other pursuits of happiness and responsibilities?

Friday, February 02, 2007


I enjoy good writing and humor, so when there is a death within the writing community I admire, I feel it necessary to take note. Molly Ivins, passed away on January 31st. Her wit and insights are wonderful and there will be a hole not easily filled by her passing.

I live on the edges or margins of many parts of our society. Yet women like Ivins demonstrate strength every bit as valuable as the characters in Alvarez' or Cofer's novels. More importantly, by speaking to and about those in position of power, Ivins and other women writers help me consider my place in the world.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

New Cookbooks

As I indicated earlier in the year, I am planning to change my ways; hence the new link to 101 Cookbooks.