Sunday, December 31, 2006

Year's End Entry

It's the end of the year and unlike most other years I am not feeling the urge to fix me. I am not making any New Year's Day resolutions. I suppose I am on a new journey of self-discovery and love and part of that process is not to look at myself in a light that accentuates my neurosis over my body image.

I will take time to learn about myself since I am once again underemployed. This time I want to take advantage of my new locale--the Arizona desert. I love the proximity of the mountains and the possibility of spiritual growth. I hope to heal my body and spirit so as to engage with the activities I've absented my self from doing and I hope to learn and gain more pleasure from my favorite pursuits--i.e. more reading for pleasure and more writing here on the blog and in other areas. I look forward to surprises and learning new ways to play and strengthen creativity. I already took some steps toward getting in a play room of sorts. James recommended a place in Prescott where I can engage in pottery making and Leslie took me to a place where other craft skills can be explored. I'll want a garden someday soon so I can grow my own produce and flowers.

Write for Peace blog will become increasingly more political as in fact politics leads to the wars of the present as politics led to wars of the past.

My expectations from my children will be much lower; this means I don't need their approval and will not listen any longer to perceptions that are tainted and useless to my human growth. I too will have to keep my unwanted opinions to myself so I guess that'll be my real New Year's resolution.

The weather has been glorious but my energies to enjoy the out of doors are low due to an unwanted cold. However, hope springs eternal even with those of us over 40 something, 50 something, etc.

Tonight I'm off to spend the New Year's Eve with my youngest granddaughter and then I'll be back tomorrow to clear out more of my books from the living room.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Edwards a Front Runner?

It's way too early in the game to pay attention to this story. I mean to take it seriously, but it might be a nice outcome to have a presidential candidate from the 2004 race who may have a chance for the 2008 race. However, Edwards seems to be to kindly to have the tough job of president of the United States of America after the mess created by Bush. If a miracle takes place we might have a smaller mess. Nonetheless, it would take a strong minded, politically astute person to manage whatever Bush leaves behind.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

An Easy Target

Sometimes the mind boggles with the ignorance of the people claiming to lead our country. Here is a picture of The Shrub posted on Arriana Huffington's Post. In the event that people can't see, the red circle has us focus on the fact that while on a "looking" tour similar to the current "listening" tour, our President has covers over the binoculars. He must have Superman's X-Ray vision in order to see anything with those particular binoculars.

I can't really blame the President for pretending to listen to advice after all he got away with pretending to do his job for six years now and no one scrutinized the little guy. He has no guts deserves no glory--especially for costing the nation the lives of so many young (gullible) gung-ho with no better place to be young men. Okay, I'm off base here. But all of the money spent on killing could have better served our nation with things like education, support of families at risk, care of children many of whom are ill fed and lacking in medical care.

Now we are mired in a war where the consequences of immediate draw down is almost as dire as our presence has been up to now.

With so many previous good men and women working for the good of our nation how on earth did we fall into the hands of this man who seems so nice and kindly but who is stubborn, ill read, lacking in understanding of the diversity in human cultures, beliefs, needs etc. Where does a country come up with a leader like Bush?

I think one of the answers lies in the complacent nature of so many of the elite who never had to work and mingle with people from different strata of society. It is this lack in experience with the common "man" that creates the ease with which to send other people's children to die in countries far from home. It is the lack of experience with the real needs of people that allows this president to spend the nation's riches on war, bullet, and blood without real concern for the minds, bodies, and spirits of the people for whom he is supposed to work. This saddens me because people support war with such callous disregard for the lives of the young men and women in our armed services and the lives of the people whose country we invade, whose lives we disrupt, or take. At the seeming end of this war I am as passionately against it as I was when the threat of war appeared. Why weren't more of us prescient? I wonder.Posted by Picasa

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Baker and Hamilton

I 'm using Andrew Sullivan's insights this morning as I find myself agreeing with him. However, unlike Mr. Sullivan, I do believe the Baker/Hamilton report's claim that Iran really needs greater stability in the absence of US involvement in the Iraqi quagmire. Perhaps I've been reading too many ambassador-speak papers but I think this report put out yesterday has produced a good guideline for the Bushites to use to get out of the predicaments that they've created. I do hope that someone--perhaps Papa Bush can shake some sense into Jr. I am not as erudite as the writers who make a living reading, studying, the events of the day but my honest assessment is that GHWB needs to make up now for any failings in his rearing of GWB. Now's the time to talk straight talk to a son who has created such a big mess for our once beloved country.

I Told You So

As the title of this entry suggests there are a good number of people who are quiet but could act like the juveniles who started the war. Had they been right and not wrong they'd have said "na na na na" of "I told you so". Al Gore and others who were right and did not want the war are too adult to respond in childish peevish ways but we should think of our citizens who searching for easy right/wrong or good/bad approaches to problems thought that war would be easy. It was and is not. Too many lives are lost never to be recovered and still this most stubborn of presidents refuses to face reality. I doubt that the new (old) findings will move him toward putting an end to the mess he created.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Interview between Blitzer and Jimmy Carter

CNN interview between Blitzer and Carter via Huffington Post I realize that Jimmy Carter is seen as a cerebral humanitarian whose only contribution to our country's history was the capture of USAmericans during the time of the Iranian revolution at the end of the '70s before Reagan came to office. However, I am not one of those for I read of his humanitarian and common sense efforts on behalf of the poor around our country. Habitat for Humanity is a worthy legacy along with his work at monitoring elections around the world and other efforts on behalf of peace. That worthy gentle man has captured my imagination about how we or rather I can continue to do things on behalf of others during my transition from work to retirement. Of course, I really mean from work to a little less work and more volunteering.

I digress from the interview between Blitzer and Carter, however. During the interview, Mr. Carter broke with the unspoken tenet that former presidents do not speak ill of sitting presidents. I am so happy and grateful that he did this, for the poor planning of an unnecessary war has cost our country more than money--it has cost us the lives of the young men and women and division among the citizens. The latter due to the exploitive presentation of information to the country. I fear that Mr. Carter was too kind to the current occupant of the Oval Office. Left to my normal tirades I might have said something really bad about the danger that Bush has wreaked on our country by his stubborn stupidity.

Fire Sale in France

Even in France that bastion of liberality for its citizens has succumbed to the need to selling its historic past in order to meet its current obligations. Will GWB's engagement in war lead us to do the same?

Actually, I am a bit saddened to see that one of my favorite European countries has to resort to selling its historical past or rather elements of it in order to stay out of debt. I feel that our country may soon follow suit, especially with people allowing our government to spend, spend, spend with nary a thought to the future. I'm giving my country a Christmas present: I'm not going to spend beyond my meager means for Christmas. I read somewhere that USAmericans are notoriously bad at the habit of savings. I am one of those citizens and now as I enter the "golden" years I find myself like so many others in need of working in my old age. Well, from now on this ole gal is going to save and do her best for her country to get out of debt.

Merry Holidays.