Sunday, June 19, 2005

Breaking old habits to start anew

Having moved from those near and dear I find that I've developed a new relationship with old bad habits. Now is the time to break them as I pursue fitness of mind and body and work on my responsibilities at work.

No new bad habits will interfere with my goals for the writing center. Next is a grant for funding but we need more space.

Next continue writing/revising the gallina paper and break it up into its various parts. Also read the theorists I mentioned in the new pieces so that I can punch up a lot of the material and most importantly---find a focus.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Momaday, Silko, and King

I've been reading posts from Patrisia Gonzales whose stories of family blessings, matriarchy, etc resonate for me. While she has native american roots along with her mexican heritage, the similarities are uncanny and I assume this is due to the transculturation of Spaniards' Catholicism and indigenous practices. I emphasize the difference between USAmerican Catholicism and Spanish Catholicism because there are great differences.