Sunday, July 31, 2011

How Does an Englishman Enter a Puerto Rican Family

Family gatherings are such fun. My cousin David Rosas officially tied the knot in the Bronx in front of friends and family. Unfortunately, I was not there. However, my son James and his youngest Jazzie were there as part of the wedding party--best man and flower girl respectively. James sent pictures of David and his beautiful bride, Mary Jane.

As often is the case in all families there is a rift between some of us and one of my offspring. If it were up to me alone, I'd say forgive and forget. I think James agrees with this, except he would want one condition which I cannot discuss in a public or semi-public forum. 

This family issue began over six years ago with an "untruthful" accusation. So this morning, I found the following quote from quotes of the day right on the front page of IGoogle.It deals with one core problem--lying to cover up one's own faults or lying to look better than one's other siblings. I am not sure how this family issue will play out. I'm getting older and I'd love to see an end to this issue. I'll have to think of how it would be possible to heal this small but important to me part of the family.

Winston ChurchillA lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.

Mr. Churchill always did have a way with words. The truth will come out but it's a bit like a tortoise which has yet to reach the goal line.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Dissent in Our Politics

Okay this is not "new" but I'm so disheartened by the lack of civil civic discourse. Today, July 29, 2011, follows an all night session of the House of Representatives in the US. The outcome? A minority of new or freshmen members of the US House of Representatives did the equivalent of putting a gun to the collective head of the rest of the nation's citizenry to force passage of an amendment which may be a good thing but not at this time. The economy may tank and the yahoos want to stop government intervention to help the economy. They do not want to restrict banks and other financiers from creating bogus instruments they can sell to unsuspecting people.

These are the same people who value home, mother, apple pie, and heterosexual marriages--only. Those are the limits of their "Christian" values.

Dreaming of Daddy

Sylvia Plath may have had issues with her "Daddy" but I don't remember any with my Dad. The other day I found some pictures of him when he was so young and "cute" that I couldn't believe my eyes. Pictures are great but in someways I wish he were here for me to hug him and "force" him to talk more. Or were the women in the family the only ones who told their stories? Now I'll have to reconstruct my Dad's life by going over the pictures and my memories and reconstructing something I can leave for my children. They all loved him as much as my Mom, although Mom is all I heard about for a long time.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

No Regrets--a Gentle Remnder

Like many people, I've wasted a great deal of time ruminating over things I truly regret. So when I found the little quote by Katherine Mansfield I was quite happy for the gentle reminder.
Katherine MansfieldMake it a rule of life never to regret and never to look back. Regret is an appalling waste of energy; you can't build on it; it's only good for wallowing in.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Frustrated Citizen

In a Huffington Post story, I caught a video where Mr. Obama calmly presents his desire to not merely pass an increase to the debt ceiling but to also make serious cut to some of the Democratic Party's "sacred cows." So far a small contingent of the Republican party has succeeded in stalling the process because they do not believe in tax increases at any time for any reason. The unwillingness to practice the art of political science befuddles those of us old enough to recall equally contentious times that did not lead to this particular state for our country.

I suppose people forget that doing what is best for our country means being able to go against our "ideological" inclinations. I know I've learned a bit more about tolerance from this president. I hope that he does not develop ulcers working with people who do not think things through and are enslaved by their stubborn refusal to see reality. Or is it that they do not live in this universe? Whatever the issue, I pray for "cooler heads" to prevail.

Latest Doings and Readings

I've not posted for a longtime because as usual I am reading on a varied number of topics, mostly spirituality, along with current events. In fact, it was the news that finally drove me back to my books on spirituality. I'll post a review of a  couple of them later in the month. Now all I can say is that if it were not for Lawrence O'Donnell I would be a wreck.

I hadn't intended to depend completely on Social Security ten or fifteen years ago. At that time, I had returned to school with high hopes of getting an education that would put me in a career where I could thrive and not merely survive. I should have learned that as soon as I entered the "academy" academia would change for workers in my field. Additionally, I did not know just how much an older mind could retain and how difficult it would be for me to overcome my personal "travails". Mom died months before I defended my dissertation; adult children kept me in the loop about their problems, and I had not yet learned how much support I needed. Mom and I were close despite vastly different points of view on how my life should be lived. I called her daily or she called me. The year prior to her death everyone in the family circled the wagons to keep her spirits up.

Nonetheless, I did not take a time out from school to attend to life. Stubbornly, I plunged ahead failing to note that I was changing and not necessarily for the better. The bottom line is that I did not get and keep wonderful positions that placed me on solid financial footing. No I wound up depending on Social Security. Recent events in policy and debt ceiling debates have a great number of people upset and concerned. So when I kept to my habits of news watching and reading news, I began to feel rattled and very insecure. It seems that the only newscaster who soothed me lately was Mr. O'Donnell because he painstakingly broke down the kabuki drama taking place in Washington D. C.

So today Saturday, I'll go back to the Art of Happiness  and other works featuring the Dalai Lama's teachings. I'll take the weekend and early week off from news, although I'd love to do it, I can't completely break my addiction to knowing.

Soon I'll share some of my learning because in the Buddhist teachings I see much of my early instructions from the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart.  Coming full circle is a good thing for truth then and truth now can keep me from fracturing my soul.