Friday, October 22, 2010

These two love birds did things well. They were together for a long time. After all the picture to the left is dated 2006 and they waited to marry 12/12/2009.

He is my Grandson, whom I love and Cassandra has also gained my love for the way she cares for Antonio.

We Grandmothers love our children and their children.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Working Class Shows up the Banks

I have been thinking about how stinky the banks have been. They took money that they say the government "forced" them to take. What did they do with it? Did they do problem solving within their institutions? Did they give the money to projects that need attention in the communities where they exist? Do any Public Private projects resonate within the halls of Chase, BofA, CitiGroup or other banks? NO! The answer is NO Way.

From what I read, they gave their stockholders big dividends and their executives bonuses.

Now look at the car makers that were given stringent loans. Working along with the people they employ they seem to have been able to come up with profits and repayment of government loans. MOST importantly, they saved the jobs of many of their employees. Yes life in Michigan and other areas where people build cars are not as they were, but the workers and their bosses seem to have been more responsible and Patriotic than the Wall Street Greedmeisters.

I really hope Obama learns whom to help and whom to let fall and fail on their own. Some of these banks are too greedy to be propped up by the government and the taxpayers whose money is used in the wrong parts of the economy.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Music, Language, Nuns, and Me

I recently posted some of the many kinds of music and artists that are near and dear to my heart. The rhythms from Afro-Latin and US Pop Culture among many genres are on my media player or on my account. I wish I could own all the funk, rhumba, mamboo, musica del jibaro as so much of it contributes to me--who I am. There is poetry in the rhythms I feel and in the words I seek to speak.

Sometime ago, I read about nuns who wrote plays which turned out to be against church teachings. Yet in their life times these women reached audiences outside their immediate sphere of influence.

Another nun had a busy career as poet and playwright.

Earlier posts to this blog show my connections to nuns, for I think I was raised to be one and one of my cousins actually became one. She lives in Convento Carmelita de San Jose en Trujillo Alto Puerto Rico.

Let us see where these explorations go.

Hey Jude

Mother by Lennon

One of the many reasons to Love John Lennon


Para que la gente sepan que Ruben Blades puede cantar a todos topicoos importante para el Pueblo Latino

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Ruben Blades

 This Latin American from Panama does it all and he continues to raise  issues even when singing older songs..

Friday, October 08, 2010

Something in the Cosmos

I do not know if the primitive, superstitious parts of me are affected by the many nasty little problems I've had lately. For most of us in this highly technological era, a computer and a cell phone  are very important. I like my gadgets and when they do not act like the like me back I am at a loss. As a matter of fact I think the mere fact of logging on to blog spot is a minor miracle for it went off without a hitch.

I lost so much time trying to get my programs and word documents back that I almost did the unthinkable.  l almost put a little hex on it. However, after a few moments of calm meditation, I called someone who took care  of most of the issues. A horrid little Trojan and his smarmy friends infected the computer which had to be deloused and set to running right. Except for the web-shots fiasco, The machine is now allowing me to log on and do a public venting.

I hope to be in a better mood later today after the sun rises and reassures me that all is right in my world. There is nothing much I can control  in the greater world. Leaders of countries are not doing their jobs---lead. Others steal from their   own people, and others in our country care nothing for the plight of the poor.

I don't think I'll die soon; however, in the state the world finds itself without true caring wise leaders who do what is right for their people instead of what is politically expedient, living is not as pleasurable. I still have not rid myself of the idealist within.