Sunday, April 09, 2006

Success Followed by Complacency

In a news report, the writers of a piece on a possible organizing movement among Latinos said that in the past "Success was followed by complacency." That seems to be true and is probably one of the reasons that Latinos cannot get sufficiently organized to exercise their potential political clout in this country. Because each of us comes from countries who have differing relationships with the USA, organizing is difficult. The article from the Washington Post does explain some of this, but knowing this will not help to keep people together on political issues.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Those Aliens Again

Ideologues stem tide of possible agreement on a bill concerning "illegal" aliens. Of course the problems will not end with the passage of this bill. Nor is the fear and posturing by both Democrats and Republicans doing anything to give confidence to the voters of this country. Most of the issues raised during this debate lack substantive corrections to the problem. Should the Mexican government ever do something to actually provide education and work for its people, much of the problem of illegal immigration would dry up. Of course, corporate america would have to stop dependance on the workers from south of our borders. What else is new? Not much, I suppose because no one has the courage to do what is right over what is expedient.


I spent a good part of this morning working with Bill Degenaro on our writing projects. I always like doing that because of the feedback we give one another --- based on mutual interests and research agendas.

I now need to consider what to name my future editing/consulting business and want people who know me to share their insights at my other blog:

I'm getting digital camera equiptment to help me get visuals I like and of my self on line. I want to make my other blog site "prettier" and more "professional" looking.

Discussions of migrant worker issues are still ongoing and I do not see any healthy or good outcomes. Of course, it may be that as Leslie Marmon Silko once said, the peoples displaced by the acquisition of their territories many years ago are coming back to take their lands. Land, identity, spirituality and many other aspects of indigenous people may be on the march northward so that the spirits of the past can be left to sleep in peace. Who knows? But it does seem like an interesting idea.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Another Move Another Parting and Another Time to Grow

As short as I am I find that despite the number of years that I am here on this earth I can continue to grow and learn. Of course some of what I learn is very heartening such as the following link from Richard Rodriguez, whose writings endear him and separate him from my sense of Latinidad. During the latest anti-immigrant movements, Rodriguez spoke out: This essay on npr seems to support my contention that those of us who are children of people not born in the US have many conflicts which in time must be healed. Rodriguez' recent writings seem to indicate that he, like so many of us in similar positions, have reached the age when we can unite our beliefs. It is in part a process of what my Mother used to call the ancestors calling to us. "La Sangre Llama" she would say meaning that sooner or later those of our ancestors must be heard, heeded, and in a very real way incorporated into our very beings.

Toni Morrison might call this the process of rememories or our due to our ancestors who had worked so hard to survive the trials of their lives to make it possible for us to live a better life today.

Unlike Rodriguez and Morrison, I haven't felt for a long time that I've written enough about this reconnection, although I've taught it a lot in many classes. Now that I've been given the opportunity to not work at yet another institution, I feel that mi gente are telling me to get a life that requires living on less and writing more. However, I would like my writing to help the many of us who are hybrid americans and to be proud of being thus. The thrust to assimilation is damaging to families and to the individual psyche and thus does not work. In a recent talk, my colleague Francisco Noe Tamayo, Jr. indicated the personal family tug of war between his son and his dad because of the demand for assimilation and loss of home languages. These situations should not take place for all humans deserve the respect and allegiance of family first and nation later.

Bueno more later

Sunday, April 02, 2006


The Native American/Latina Writers Course is going well the early essays by students were phenomonal and we are moving along at a pretty rapid pace. I did give shorter shrift to the Latina writers because the amounts of reading were pretty heavy early on in the semester. However, Latino Boom will help fill in the gaps and some of the magic realism imbued short stories from other anthologies should round out any missing areas.

Next time, I'll pair up novels by members of each group or focus exclusively on one group for each semester.

Doing work that deals with other cultural perspectives will allow me to expand my teaching repertoire. I will use Native American based texts to lead the classes I plan to teach this summer.

I also have ASU Polytechnic set up for the coming Spring--2007 and have a possibility to teach at MSU for the summer. That should get enough cash to me to allow me to make a sane decision about whether to stay or return to the desert for the Fall.