First Day

The new day of a new year brings out all my best intentions despite my resolve not to have "resolutions". I suppose it's habit to begin the demarcation of a new year with new energy. I'm sick of the old tired attitudes, platitudes, and the disappointments to which these lead. In a way, listening to much of the stuff out in the air leads to lives of quiet desperation.

I'm creating a new page for myself on either the yahoo or gmail sites. I've yet to put together ideas for colors and ways to market myself and my ideas for a small consulting business. Will see what comes of these explorations in the weeks to come. My creative process is impulsive and I need to save drafts for a while before publishing them. My blog space will allow for all of my impulsive explorations as the medium--language is one in which I feel comfortable. Working with colors and other materials and media will need me to adjust.

Will see what the morrow brings or births.
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