After Tucson onto New York

Next week I fly off to the Big Apple to work my little self into a smaller version of myself. I finally have the Exec Committee book half reorganized. The next step will be to read relevant parts of the material sent to us for discussion.

3/31/07 Have returned from the conference and must comment on some of my experiences. New York as always is great. Of course it is as I was born there. However, the unexpectedly cold weather had a lasting effect on me. I still cough and hack. The side trip to Miami was interesting as it presented me with the opportunity to travel alone to an environment I had never experienced. It was great to hear lots of Spanish with Caribbean accents. The people were friendly and that part of the experiences was wonderful.

The environment in Miami Beach, however, showed me a dirty, over built beach area. It looks great from afar but when you're down on the street the filth is there to see. It's great for younger people who want to party and I know that if I were such a younger person I wouldn't notice dirty streets and beaches too dirty to swim in.

I did get to attempt to conquer the cold that I picked up in New York but as yet am still wheezing, coughing, etc. If this keeps up, I'll have to see a doctor. Ugh!
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