Thursday, February 28, 2008

William F Buckley, Jr.

My family taught me stories but public speakers introduced me to a new world of ideas.

When I was a youngster one of the first public intellectuals to capture my young mind was Mr.Buckley. His presentation of an argument that is his delivery was so alien from the ways that people in my family and amongst members of my class spoke as to totally beguile me. That was a good thing because even when I disagreed with this man's ideas I thought about what he meant and thinking influenced my own philosophy of government and citizens. I find, in retrospect, that Buckley's rhetoric was as influential in its way as Dr. King, JFK, RFK and other speakers of the time.

How it was that a Puerto Rican American girl fell in love with language is the result of her access to television and radio where all these people and others were able to speak, discuss, and engage with thoughts using wonderful language and importantly to me civility. It is indeed a great loss to our country that the ability to engage people's minds has deteriorated to appealing to people's fears. Truly this is deplorable and in sharp contrast to the ideals embodied in the works of the aforementioned people. Perhaps a little nostalgia can get us to draw from the best of USAmerican people from the past.

Another article eulogizing Mr. Buckley.

RIP, Mr. Buckley.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

College Students on the March to Vote

Youths March to Polling Place in response to efforts to keep them from voting.

Young People Do Want to Vote!

Students in Texas protest their view of systemic disenfranchisement of their votes.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Phone Solicitor Problems?

Listen to what you can consider saying to those pesky phone solicitors:

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Si Se Puede or Yes We Can

I enjoyed this hip hop collaboration with Obama's spoken recording.

Of course, many Latinos have used the rallying call of Si Se Puede for many years. Although I like the uplifting message from Obama and his organization, I'd like to see a few more specifics about what he would do. Somehow he has a Republican-lite approach to health care reform. His cannot compare with Edwards' plan or even with Senator Clinton's