Writing and Reading

I've gotten back to the book I mentioned in an earlier post: Hispanic Nation. I've found the gist of it helpful and now must get into the Crowley book on Civic Discourse to use for my paper on transcultural rhetorics.

has been useful in setting up a regular routine which I find gets me more motivated. I can clear the chaos that sometimes envelopes me so that I can read and take notes for the writing I must do. Turning off the news has helped dramatically too.

I'm supposed to go to a conference in NY an must reconsider. I have materials for the workshop but not the cash to fly out and stay over in Troy. Perhaps next year I'll be in better shape financially.

Tempe has been really pleasant for me as a town to live in. I've shared the library photos earlier and find that getting there is easier than sticking around here. But now that I'm decluttering the place where I live, staying here works out well too.
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