For Bill De Genero

I have neglected this blog for too long. Today a colleague sent me an article on liberation theology which he found in the New York Times. My experience with the church as a Latina does not differ too much from the experiences of others. The church has been blessing and curse in the development of gendered role of women in Latina/o Culture. Liberation Theology is one example of the paradox that exists within the church. On the one hand we are to follow Jesus' teachings, but then we are expected to do so based on church interpretation of those teachings. If Jesus taught us to tend to the needs of the poor and to thus lift their spiritual life, then that is what we should do. The fact that Marx wrote his treatise on Marxism centuries later should not put fear of becoming communists. The fact that John Paul the 23rd came from a country that imposed severe restrictions on his spiritual and religious life does not mean that all Marxism will do the same when applied to the needs of the poor. Of course, that is not what occurs in South America where much of Liberation Theology is practiced.

I am grateful for many teachings of the church--especially its ecumenical teachings which I received long before Pope John's call to "open the windows of the church" in the late 50's. I admire those who attempt to practice Christ's teachings over the teachings of ideologues and people with a need for "power" over the minds and thinking of others.
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