Year's End Entry

It's the end of the year and unlike most other years I am not feeling the urge to fix me. I am not making any New Year's Day resolutions. I suppose I am on a new journey of self-discovery and love and part of that process is not to look at myself in a light that accentuates my neurosis over my body image.

I will take time to learn about myself since I am once again underemployed. This time I want to take advantage of my new locale--the Arizona desert. I love the proximity of the mountains and the possibility of spiritual growth. I hope to heal my body and spirit so as to engage with the activities I've absented my self from doing and I hope to learn and gain more pleasure from my favorite pursuits--i.e. more reading for pleasure and more writing here on the blog and in other areas. I look forward to surprises and learning new ways to play and strengthen creativity. I already took some steps toward getting in a play room of sorts. James recommended a place in Prescott where I can engage in pottery making and Leslie took me to a place where other craft skills can be explored. I'll want a garden someday soon so I can grow my own produce and flowers.

Write for Peace blog will become increasingly more political as in fact politics leads to the wars of the present as politics led to wars of the past.

My expectations from my children will be much lower; this means I don't need their approval and will not listen any longer to perceptions that are tainted and useless to my human growth. I too will have to keep my unwanted opinions to myself so I guess that'll be my real New Year's resolution.

The weather has been glorious but my energies to enjoy the out of doors are low due to an unwanted cold. However, hope springs eternal even with those of us over 40 something, 50 something, etc.

Tonight I'm off to spend the New Year's Eve with my youngest granddaughter and then I'll be back tomorrow to clear out more of my books from the living room.
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