Chris Durang: Alastair Sim's Scrooge, and Apologies

Chris Durang: Alastair Sim's Scrooge, and Apologies

I loved this article by Chris Durang because I truly relate to it. Being by bicultural among other things, I remember learning my era's pop culture along with what would have been my parents' pop culture--had they been born and raised in the United States. As it was I learned what would have been theirs, mine, and the culture that actually was theirs.

The beauty of being a New York born citizen of the United States is the intercultural transactions and connections among people open to them. I'm grateful that my parents --especially my Dad were open to interacting with others and that they did nothing to stifle my inclinations to explore my learning.

Durang's discussion of the Million Dollar Movie among others on mid 50's t.v. brought back the flood of memories of those old black and white flicks I enjoy to this day.


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