Fire Sale in France

Even in France that bastion of liberality for its citizens has succumbed to the need to selling its historic past in order to meet its current obligations. Will GWB's engagement in war lead us to do the same?

Actually, I am a bit saddened to see that one of my favorite European countries has to resort to selling its historical past or rather elements of it in order to stay out of debt. I feel that our country may soon follow suit, especially with people allowing our government to spend, spend, spend with nary a thought to the future. I'm giving my country a Christmas present: I'm not going to spend beyond my meager means for Christmas. I read somewhere that USAmericans are notoriously bad at the habit of savings. I am one of those citizens and now as I enter the "golden" years I find myself like so many others in need of working in my old age. Well, from now on this ole gal is going to save and do her best for her country to get out of debt.

Merry Holidays.
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