Interview between Blitzer and Jimmy Carter

CNN interview between Blitzer and Carter via Huffington Post I realize that Jimmy Carter is seen as a cerebral humanitarian whose only contribution to our country's history was the capture of USAmericans during the time of the Iranian revolution at the end of the '70s before Reagan came to office. However, I am not one of those for I read of his humanitarian and common sense efforts on behalf of the poor around our country. Habitat for Humanity is a worthy legacy along with his work at monitoring elections around the world and other efforts on behalf of peace. That worthy gentle man has captured my imagination about how we or rather I can continue to do things on behalf of others during my transition from work to retirement. Of course, I really mean from work to a little less work and more volunteering.

I digress from the interview between Blitzer and Carter, however. During the interview, Mr. Carter broke with the unspoken tenet that former presidents do not speak ill of sitting presidents. I am so happy and grateful that he did this, for the poor planning of an unnecessary war has cost our country more than money--it has cost us the lives of the young men and women and division among the citizens. The latter due to the exploitive presentation of information to the country. I fear that Mr. Carter was too kind to the current occupant of the Oval Office. Left to my normal tirades I might have said something really bad about the danger that Bush has wreaked on our country by his stubborn stupidity.
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