An Easy Target

Sometimes the mind boggles with the ignorance of the people claiming to lead our country. Here is a picture of The Shrub posted on Arriana Huffington's Post. In the event that people can't see, the red circle has us focus on the fact that while on a "looking" tour similar to the current "listening" tour, our President has covers over the binoculars. He must have Superman's X-Ray vision in order to see anything with those particular binoculars.

I can't really blame the President for pretending to listen to advice after all he got away with pretending to do his job for six years now and no one scrutinized the little guy. He has no guts deserves no glory--especially for costing the nation the lives of so many young (gullible) gung-ho with no better place to be young men. Okay, I'm off base here. But all of the money spent on killing could have better served our nation with things like education, support of families at risk, care of children many of whom are ill fed and lacking in medical care.

Now we are mired in a war where the consequences of immediate draw down is almost as dire as our presence has been up to now.

With so many previous good men and women working for the good of our nation how on earth did we fall into the hands of this man who seems so nice and kindly but who is stubborn, ill read, lacking in understanding of the diversity in human cultures, beliefs, needs etc. Where does a country come up with a leader like Bush?

I think one of the answers lies in the complacent nature of so many of the elite who never had to work and mingle with people from different strata of society. It is this lack in experience with the common "man" that creates the ease with which to send other people's children to die in countries far from home. It is the lack of experience with the real needs of people that allows this president to spend the nation's riches on war, bullet, and blood without real concern for the minds, bodies, and spirits of the people for whom he is supposed to work. This saddens me because people support war with such callous disregard for the lives of the young men and women in our armed services and the lives of the people whose country we invade, whose lives we disrupt, or take. At the seeming end of this war I am as passionately against it as I was when the threat of war appeared. Why weren't more of us prescient? I wonder.Posted by Picasa
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