Thursday, November 09, 2006

Post Post Election of 2006

I have been listening to the election results for the past two days. Now I really shouldn't be a cynic but it's hard not to be one. Democrats are patting one another on the back as if they've already done something fantastic. They haven't at least not yet. The real reason to celebrate will exist after they actually do something to make this country better. Lots of name calling must cease as well as the self-serving hypocrisy of not being straight talkers with the public. No more parsing of words to hide meaning, no more spending public funds on personal enrichment projects, and no more breaking the promises to end the war. Most of the news reports indicate that most of us want the troops home, politicians to earn the high salaries they give themselves, and changes in the economy that the middle class can benefit from. Of course, it would be fantastic if poor and working classes had some economic benefits. Our children sent to fight overseas must come home but we must provide strong educational and economic--jobs for them to go to.

Too many young men and women have lost limbs and lives for politicians' incompetence. While most of the folks talking in the past two days indicate working with the president to "fix" the problems with the running of the Iraq war, I fear there will be too many behind the scenes moves to prevent any real progress to get our troops safely home.