Clearing Clutter and Dreaming

Okay this should probably go on my other blog because of the topic. I am in the process of seeing for myself how much junk I truly have--yet so much of it is precious to me. Do other people have this problem? I suppose they do. However the move to a smaller place has forced me to see the need to give away many of the unneeded clothes, books, and other odds n ends. So far I've unpacked many of the moving boxes and left several boxes to hold some of the recycle materials.

When it comes to book, I'm the only one in my family in total love with them. I read most of the ones I have so there aren't many left with which I don't have at least a nodding acquaintanceship. I especially enjoy the biographies, political position books and of course my lovely mysteries.

In addition to those books already mentioned tipping through and engaging with theorists has elevated my thinking on things.

I think I'll wind up giving more clothes and teaching books away than the others. During the move Edward Said's Culture and Imperialism took quite a beating so now he's being handled with greater care. I can't find The Second Sex by Beauvoir and others.

Such is the plight of attempting to unclutter a large move.
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