Finding Objects of Mutual Hate: Do Israelis and Palestinians Have a Common Ground?

Quite accidentally I found a story that gave me the idea of how to work for peace: find areas all parties can hate equally. The Seattle Times provides the story. Okay I am being ironic but it seems that "enemies" can unite under an umbrella of hatred if they have the same target to hate. As witnessed in the Seattle Times story out of Israel, one bigotry against gays, lesbians, and transvestites can lead to the unification of Israelis and Palestinians. I can almost hear some less humane people say--hey I may hate you to death but there are worse people than you--those g-d sodomites. Yes, those abominations can surely get us to tolerate one another.

As I indicate above, I am being facetious, but it really is sad to consider that hate can unite enemies for a day or two against a third group. Don't people think of the fact that treating other human beings as objects of hate will never really solve any problems? I guess not and so I close this in hopes that some people will stop and think before hating anyone or anything.
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