I Get Another Language Lesson Reinforcement

Randy sent an interesting commentary from a CNBC commentator I had thought of as rather conservative. To my delight, I found the article from Crooks & Liars quite enlightening or rather a reinforcement of my studies of language use and misuse.

During this election cycle too many old and now transparent ploys of the current White House machine are out in full force. So it's as Orwell wrote Peace is War or War is Peace. If Kerry jokes about Bush's ignorance he must be putting down the intelligence of the troops. Yet there are many things that the Bush administration seemed to miss--Kerry's comment was about Bush's life and Bush's lack of intelligence. Kerry points to a fact of life for many members of the US military--not having the skills for a job or the money to go to college, the military is the only place where they (the young recruits) can get a hand with education. It is a shame that a lack of exposure to the power of language and the need to read beyond the surface leads many in the military to be too easily stirred up by Bushites who want to cling to power at any price. Once again too many of these young people become pawns by their commander-in-chief.
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