How Does an Englishman Enter a Puerto Rican Family

Family gatherings are such fun. My cousin David Rosas officially tied the knot in the Bronx in front of friends and family. Unfortunately, I was not there. However, my son James and his youngest Jazzie were there as part of the wedding party--best man and flower girl respectively. James sent pictures of David and his beautiful bride, Mary Jane.

As often is the case in all families there is a rift between some of us and one of my offspring. If it were up to me alone, I'd say forgive and forget. I think James agrees with this, except he would want one condition which I cannot discuss in a public or semi-public forum. 

This family issue began over six years ago with an "untruthful" accusation. So this morning, I found the following quote from quotes of the day right on the front page of IGoogle.It deals with one core problem--lying to cover up one's own faults or lying to look better than one's other siblings. I am not sure how this family issue will play out. I'm getting older and I'd love to see an end to this issue. I'll have to think of how it would be possible to heal this small but important to me part of the family.

Winston ChurchillA lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.

Mr. Churchill always did have a way with words. The truth will come out but it's a bit like a tortoise which has yet to reach the goal line.
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