Frustrated Citizen

In a Huffington Post story, I caught a video where Mr. Obama calmly presents his desire to not merely pass an increase to the debt ceiling but to also make serious cut to some of the Democratic Party's "sacred cows." So far a small contingent of the Republican party has succeeded in stalling the process because they do not believe in tax increases at any time for any reason. The unwillingness to practice the art of political science befuddles those of us old enough to recall equally contentious times that did not lead to this particular state for our country.

I suppose people forget that doing what is best for our country means being able to go against our "ideological" inclinations. I know I've learned a bit more about tolerance from this president. I hope that he does not develop ulcers working with people who do not think things through and are enslaved by their stubborn refusal to see reality. Or is it that they do not live in this universe? Whatever the issue, I pray for "cooler heads" to prevail.

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