Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Response to Frank Rich of the NYT

In a thoughtful opinion piece in the NYT for Sunday, March 28, 2010, Frank Rich lists the irrational responses to Obama, members of congress that do not look like the old congresses. His analysis is excellent and it is indeed a shame that people fail to reflect on the obvious consequences of life. Things change in life and too many people become hysterical, irrational, childish, and at times dangerous when events do not unfold in the manner that they wished for or expected. One critique of Rich's piece is that he doesn't name the racist elements of shifts in power taking hold in the US. I for one do not see a huge sea change. However, I identify with those marginalized voices which are slowly being represented in the new Congress and especially with the Obama presidency.

When Justice Soto-Mayor gained entry to the Supreme Court, I had a call from one of my cousins stating that the newly minted Justice looked and spoke like me.  I apologize to the Justice in advance. She is more Chic than I am.  Nonetheless a Puerto Rican American who struggled to become educated and worked hard to gain admission to the halls of power is but a small demonstration of what USAmerica looks like in the future.
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