Friday, March 26, 2010

I Love POTUS Again.....But Michelle can ...

After months nay a year and a few months of wrangling with wily and contentious members of the US Congress, a health bill is passed. President Obama smiles broadly again and I love him again, but Michelle can live with him. He took some getting used to as his style of politicking is different--nerve wracking and seemingly high risk. Yet he got the first step toward good health care passed. I must Say that much could not have been managed without that other woman in Obama's life (he has so many powerful ones to deal with)--Nancy Pelosi with her smiling brown eyes. Obama may want to get a copy of Frank Sinatra's song for his daughter Nancy and send it to Ms Pelosi. Once I heard her say she'd get the fixes done I was sure.

It is a testament to President Obama that he has sought the counsel and help from women. Yes we know he has high octane men in his administration, but Nancy Pelosi and Hilary Clinton. Wow what a team. As I get to know about the others on his team, I doubt I'll be disappointed in his selections--Larry Summers aside.

So way to go and I feel this law is just a beginning.
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