Tia Eufemia

Mi Tia Eufemia--Titi Faye died on July 10, 2008. It was the tenth anniversary of my Mother's death. So following Aunt Faye's death I spent some time in the past. Titi Faye was one of the shiest persons I knew, but that did not undermine the quiet strength she possessed.

My cousin sent us all a the cards put out at funerals with the relevant data about my aunt's life--date of birth, date of death, names of the children she leaves behind. Included among the cards was one that appeared "home" made. It had a lovely photograph of my aunt when she was a young vibrant woman. The other card had a photograph taken shortly after she passed. She was in her bed and looked peacefully asleep. This concept of using the photographs of the deceased on cards meant to be mementos is one with which I have little experience but it is comforting to know that death looks like sleep.

Sharing not only the pictures of my aunt, her daughter, Louisa also shared the sayings of our Grandmother Luisa, whose oral "dichos" were heard in any household headed by her many daughters. Now my Aunt Teanne is the last of these aunts from Abuela Luisa's strand.
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