Losing Books and Going Mad

Okay I 'm supposed to be reading for my projects and to develop the second summer session course and so I had a pile of books around. I stacked a few and put some on shelves. Now the Kingsolver book I was reading and the Antonio Gramsci Prison Notebooks have disappeared. I am retreating into old habits and can't seem to find the dang things. I suppose I'll have to clear out the offices before succumbing to buying new copies of the books. What ticks me off is that my lovely butterfly bookmark which was in High Tide in Tucson will be a casualty.

Nonetheless, planning for courses to be taught in the future has engaged my mind with ideas in the dissertation. This is good as it'll get me focused.

Paula told me my work seems to focus my mind and so I should really consider using work as a way out of the labyrinth I sometimes get lost in.

Tomorrow will respond to Rorty as means to get going on to intuitive knowing. Found an old Murphy book which addressed that and so I placed it among my history of rhetoric books.

More Later,
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