Sunday, April 03, 2005


LA Times Coverage of Pope's Passing and the Washington Post's Coverage:

I'm finding myself reflecting on my own life as this man's death is discussed and televised. Oftentimes such events can be a catalyst for reflection for growth, and the hope that we can improve our lives. I'll have to go back to early teachings which I now think are truer than many things I've learned about over the years. Basically doing good for others, developing and living out on a set of moral beliefs, and learning a kind of humility in life, but not one imposed on humans by people in power, can lead to the kind of inner peace that will draw us closer to our maker and ultimately lead us to greater happiness regardless of our life's circumstances.

After I arrived home from a brief outing, I found a wonderful email from Raul Sanchez who always trolls the web for news from or about Cuba. The latest related news about possible successors to John Paul II from the area of Latin America. So even while I try to stay chastely nonpolitical at this time, I am reminded that politics invades every space, including that of the institutions of religion. Of course, this has been a fact for centuries, and I often wonder how Jesus Christ would handle the church founded in his name.

While I want to focus on this topic, I must be off to work on handouts for Tuesday's classes. The semester grinds to an end and I have to be ready for all kinds of papers.

April 4, 2005, Raul once again sent an interesting news item concerning Cuba and the Il Papa's Passing. I've attached it here because I want to reflect on the spirit of change that seems to take place when a powerful (whether great person or small or great to those who know them) passes from the scene of the living.
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