First Day Off

Thought I'd take a few hours off to get out of the house and spoil myself a little. Had a pleasant time shopping and driving around. Found a short cut to Oakland/Somerset Mall and I know the way to Wal-Mart so I'll be able to get out and buy what I need or get out and look at scenes other than my very pleasant apartment when I get to feeling confined.

Building up my perfumes again and should have a full stock by early summer.


Have been of the blog for a few days. Grades are due in and I am distracting myself from completing all of my goals. I did go to the women's meeting and had a good time. Nicole Guevarra, one of my students, did a remarkable job of writing and presenting her writing and I was very delighted to have taken the time out to hear her. In fact, if she's still around next term, I'd like to ask her to present to one of my classes.

Attribution Theory is a new version of an old idea that I'd like to pursue because it may very well fit in with my ideas of psychological affects of language.
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