Father's Day Is Here

My parents died long ago but on special days like Mother's Day and Father's Day, I get a bit reflective. I'm fortunate to see how it is that people live on in others. Each of my children carry forward many of the values, interests, and tendencies that each of my parents had. Of course, I get the credit or the blame too. I am happy that this is a seeming truth.

Later on today many children will honor their fathers with time, attention, and gifts. I wish I could do this too. My Dad was a quiet man. By this I mean, he never complained to me about his problems. I never knew he had any. In a way I would like to have this characteristic because whining never solves anything. He was impatient as a young man and I remember he had a fiery temper but he never harmed people.

One time when we were going on a family outing in our car--the rest of my extended family caravaned behind us. There was a terrible accident. My Dad pulled over and helped the man--a father and his children.  We detoured to get the man to a hospital. Later we went on our way for our outing.

I can't see a caravan of cars filled with loved ones anymore. The family is too splintered in various states of the United States. I do remember how proud I felt to have a man who acted and did the right thing as my Dad.

Ernesto Arroyo Rodriguez, te amo aunque no te puedo abrazar.
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