Something in the Cosmos

I do not know if the primitive, superstitious parts of me are affected by the many nasty little problems I've had lately. For most of us in this highly technological era, a computer and a cell phone  are very important. I like my gadgets and when they do not act like the like me back I am at a loss. As a matter of fact I think the mere fact of logging on to blog spot is a minor miracle for it went off without a hitch.

I lost so much time trying to get my programs and word documents back that I almost did the unthinkable.  l almost put a little hex on it. However, after a few moments of calm meditation, I called someone who took care  of most of the issues. A horrid little Trojan and his smarmy friends infected the computer which had to be deloused and set to running right. Except for the web-shots fiasco, The machine is now allowing me to log on and do a public venting.

I hope to be in a better mood later today after the sun rises and reassures me that all is right in my world. There is nothing much I can control  in the greater world. Leaders of countries are not doing their jobs---lead. Others steal from their   own people, and others in our country care nothing for the plight of the poor.

I don't think I'll die soon; however, in the state the world finds itself without true caring wise leaders who do what is right for their people instead of what is politically expedient, living is not as pleasurable. I still have not rid myself of the idealist within.
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