Music, Language, Nuns, and Me

I recently posted some of the many kinds of music and artists that are near and dear to my heart. The rhythms from Afro-Latin and US Pop Culture among many genres are on my media player or on my account. I wish I could own all the funk, rhumba, mamboo, musica del jibaro as so much of it contributes to me--who I am. There is poetry in the rhythms I feel and in the words I seek to speak.

Sometime ago, I read about nuns who wrote plays which turned out to be against church teachings. Yet in their life times these women reached audiences outside their immediate sphere of influence.

Another nun had a busy career as poet and playwright.

Earlier posts to this blog show my connections to nuns, for I think I was raised to be one and one of my cousins actually became one. She lives in Convento Carmelita de San Jose en Trujillo Alto Puerto Rico.

Let us see where these explorations go.
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