I spent a good part of this morning working with Bill Degenaro on our writing projects. I always like doing that because of the feedback we give one another --- based on mutual interests and research agendas.

I now need to consider what to name my future editing/consulting business and want people who know me to share their insights at my other blog:

I'm getting digital camera equiptment to help me get visuals I like and of my self on line. I want to make my other blog site "prettier" and more "professional" looking.

Discussions of migrant worker issues are still ongoing and I do not see any healthy or good outcomes. Of course, it may be that as Leslie Marmon Silko once said, the peoples displaced by the acquisition of their territories many years ago are coming back to take their lands. Land, identity, spirituality and many other aspects of indigenous people may be on the march northward so that the spirits of the past can be left to sleep in peace. Who knows? But it does seem like an interesting idea.
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