The Native American/Latina Writers Course is going well the early essays by students were phenomonal and we are moving along at a pretty rapid pace. I did give shorter shrift to the Latina writers because the amounts of reading were pretty heavy early on in the semester. However, Latino Boom will help fill in the gaps and some of the magic realism imbued short stories from other anthologies should round out any missing areas.

Next time, I'll pair up novels by members of each group or focus exclusively on one group for each semester.

Doing work that deals with other cultural perspectives will allow me to expand my teaching repertoire. I will use Native American based texts to lead the classes I plan to teach this summer.

I also have ASU Polytechnic set up for the coming Spring--2007 and have a possibility to teach at MSU for the summer. That should get enough cash to me to allow me to make a sane decision about whether to stay or return to the desert for the Fall.
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