Why We Should Care for One Another

Like all good citizens I've been following the goings on of people running for office. People I used to support are now flashing their true colors of indifference to the people who will vote for them. Now I see the greed and vehemence with which they fight to attain the power of the office for which they are standing.

Has our country become an oligarchy or fascist state already? I had hoped now. It seems that my vote truly doesn't matter because people running on important issues no longer receive media attention. The only folks receiving media attention are those who start media cat fights which bring ratings to the TV or radio stations that carry their programing.

We need to have people who care about what is happening and are brave enough to take stands which are unpopular but which will correct the ills of too much money and too little concern for reform of the system. The system in its need to protect itself will never willingly accede power to the people. So the grassroots people for change must fight for the changes needed. The powerful will fight to maintain power. So persistence and solidarity will eventually win out. We must take care of one another and support one another in order to stop the erosion of the tenets on which this country was built.


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