Libya Freed?

I have been out exercising, watching movies or doing just about anything to avoid watching or listening to the news. These days the news depresses me as I realize there is very little I can do to impact the world for the better.  I just learned via Al Jezeera and the Huffington Post that Mr. Gaddafy's sons have surrendered to the rebel forces and that soon the terrorist from Tripoli will be gone.

Well that is one less war for our country to engage in. For this I am very happy. If more of us could find ways to create peace and love for our children and grandchildren's generations, I'll be a very happy woman.

Like all things in the media, I will take this news with a grain of salt until tomorrow or later just to be assured that the war in North Africa is over. Of course, then we must pay attention to the disruption between Egypt and Israel. People with long memories and unjust causes will always exist. So wars are always a potential threat to all of us.

May God bless the human race and grant us peace. It is not as if we are aliens to one another. The only differences are those of  language and culture. Other than that, we are all human.
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