As Time Goes By

Yes that is the title of a song featured in Casablanca around two years before I was born. The idealism, latent and active of two of the main characters, were part of the love of country and doing the right thing which were taught to those of us growing of age in the 50s and 60s. As in many areas of my life, I half fit in baby boomer generation and half in the generation preceding it. Thus it is that I've lived to see a few truly great leaders of my country, the United States, do right by her. I so love all of those leaders who did the right thing at the right time to do justice for our country. On May 1, 2011, I once again found myself full of love for our country, the men aned women who serve in its services, the behind the scenes "government workers" who recently took a hit from those who do not believe that government is here for the purpose of working for all of us--rich, poor, short, tall, skinny, or fat. More importantly, Last week I rediscovered my weakened belief in Our President, Barrack Obama, and found I had ample reason to trust his judgment.

In one week he made so many public appearances with the knowledge that he'd ordered the capture of Osama Bin Laden so that Bin Laden could face justice.  Personally, I think Bin Laden did not pay sufficiently for his crimes on citizens of the United States and around the world.

Instead of doing good for his people this wealthy man, inflamed the passions of his followers so that they could do his bidding.  His beliefs fly in the face of real Islamic traditions and should not be resurfaced again.

Killing people who hold a belief system not to one's liking can only lead to pain and suffering of many.

While I do not cheer for the passing of Bin Laden, I am content that he no longer will create pain in the lives of many more people.

So like Sam and Rick in Casablanca I want a tune that reminds me of American ideals. We need to play such a tune over and over as our time on this earth goes by.
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