Earthquake Tsunami and Nuclear Meltdowns

As the people of Japan deal with the worst nuclear accident caused by the earthquake and tusnami of March 11, 2011, we deal with our own dramas or happy events as the case may be. I'm caring about the events in Japan, but am relishing my friends and work and still being useful to students.
My neighbors and friends have been keeping me busy too. For this I live in gratitude.

I hope that things in Libya settle down but the turmoil there seems non-ending as in other countries in the region who mimic Ghadaffi's brutal repression of his people. How fortunate am I that I do not live where the disagreements are lethal.

I've always liked the give and take of political discourse but not when it turns to death.. I am proud of Wisconsin citizens who are standing up for their rights.  More and more it seems that even in my ideal of America there are those who would continue to take from the poor to make the rich more rich.

My writing goes in many directions today as there seem to be greater and more frequent events to think about.

What Tilly told me not too long ago still holds up as a truth. We can only work on our corner of the world or our chosen area(s) of interest and specialization.

Perhaps in each doing their best we can still preserve the Earth and our individual countries.
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