Sunday, January 09, 2011

Rhetoric of Vitriol: Does It Really Lead to Murder

Like many USAmericans, I've listened to the commentary on the Assassination Attempt on Tucson's US Congresswoman Gifford.  Some of the speculation of the reasons for the event surrounded the uncivil civic discourse that the country has experienced for the past 24 months. Indeed we've seen hateful speech during the discussions about the health care bill, President Obama's legitimacy to the title of President, and outright pictorial depictions of our President as a monkey or worse. Images of long ago mimicry of Blacks by Whites in black face was seen for any with eyes to see.

No other president during my lifetime has had to endure such vilification of his person, his office, and his history.Stepping back on all of the events and harsh rhetoric made me feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland but instead of "wonder" it was more like a carny horror tunnel with odd personae jumping periodically to scare me and make me ask what others have asked in a different context: Where is My America? Where has she gone? Why can't people who do the best to serve the people in the various states and congessional districts have to reduce their efforts to inane ideological gestures that in fact do not address the concerns of our nation.

Okay the main question is : Where have all the grown ups gone?  We need to get back to doing what is good for our country and learn that compromise is NOT a bad thing.

So before going to bed I'll post this and pray that tomorrow's news will be better and that we take seriously -- all of us our responsibilities to participate in governing this country which is at the brink of financial disaster with banks not sharing money to small business who want to hire folks.

May the next few days bring on a better tomorrow for all of our families present and those coming in the future.
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