Living in a Culture of Youth

I went to a local CVS pharmacy in search of suntan lotion and other "age defying" products. I admit that living in a sun drenched state does tend to dry a person out from time to time. As I wandered up and down the aisles of hair and skin products (my hair too, once oily is now dry), when I happened upon stacks of books by well known authors. These were all hardback and unsold even with the huge discount on them.

I thought it discouraging for someone like myself who is trying to get her memoirs out on paper. I do the worst thing an aspiring writer can do. I tell myself that if these well known writers have stacks of their books gathering dust, what can I expect from my feeble attempts.

Today I heard a story on NPR programing about a person who'd been sent off to an orphanage when he was 9 and I said to myself--ah that's like me. Only I was sent away to a "boarding" school when I was at the ripe old age of 5. I felt a bit of solace and wondered if anyone would be interested in boarding schools AND happier memories of summers in the country side. Apparently boarding school teachers needed summers off.

Back to my original musings. Who reads?: Who cares? Are our feeble attempts worth the effort or are they indulgences to our egos?
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